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Christmas healthy tips

How to indulge without the guilt 

TIP 1: Exercise & move to out train your overindulgence!

The festive season is the best excuse to over indulge in all the best bounties life has to offer – family, friendship, laughter, love and of course food and alcohol. Whilst you can’t out train a bad diet you can train to maintain and adapt your exercise, workouts and movement to burn more calories meaning you can enjoy guilt-free foodie festivities! Here’s what we suggest:

Try running, swimming, HIIT or skipping!


TIP 2: Time to try something new! Hobbies? Think outside the gym

For some of us Christmas means more ‘me time’ and the opportunity to invest in ourselves with free time, for most it’s the opposite with a social schedule stuffed to the brim!

Either way our usual habitual workout homes at the gym may be closed more frequently or we may just be further away to make it logistically possible. In the same breath that presents us with a perfect opportunity to think outside the gym! The past 2 years has trained us well for adapting our workouts and exercise routines so why not try:


TIP 3: Stay Hydrated!

Nothing new here! Hydration is healthy 365 24/7 so see this as a reminder! There’s no big secret … Water in the body is essential for important processes to take place like regulating body temperature, organ health, nutrient delivery and immune function! So what’s the best way to stay hydrated? Just that… ditch the sugary drinks and drink water – it’s cheap and even calorie, sugar and additive-free! Hydration is a simple yet often overlooked health marker so follow these top tips to help you stay watered!

Figure out how much water you need and track your intake! Promise yourself to drink more daily by ensuring your thirst is always quenched or moderate by measuring! Recommended daily intake is 9 glasses (2.2 litres) if you are female and 13 glasses (3 litres) if you are male.

From all of us at GSN, have a very Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year

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