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Fri, March 2016

Benefits of Frozen Food

You may not want to hear it but it’s true, your food is covered in bacteria! Luckily most of this bacteria is not directly harmful to you when you eat fresh food and the bacteria that is harmful is killed off during whichever cooking process you choose. Bacteria like Pantoea sp. is not deadly to you but it certainly is to your fresh leafy vegetables like lettuce and spinach – this type of bacteria will not mutate into an 8 foot tall human eating monster however, it will eat and ferment your greens into an unattractive green mush. We try a number of methods to slow this process down, bacteria resistance genetically modified organisms (GMO’s) and refrigeration are two of the most common used to prolong the life of your green “leafys” until they end up in the same place as approximately 1/3 of the food bought in the UK – the bin!
Pantoea sp.

With the UK now spending around £196.6bn over the whole food industry each year cutting waste is not only a logical thing to do but can also save us the equivalent of the GDP of Croatia!


One very simple way to cut our food wastage is by swapping to frozen food. Frozen food is becoming more accessible, up-to-date with flavours and convenient for you to prepare through the evolution of the food industry. Introducing younger generations/family to frozen foods may help to create a more sustainable food system as well as save your household around £470 per year in wastage (average household wastage – 2015). Freezing food slows (and kills) bacteria that degrade your food this helps to preserve food for a much longer period of time, one way this happens is at the water crystals in your food freezes they can move out of the food source – removing some of the bacteria from your food.

Freezing food does not effect the micro-nutrient content especially when compared to mineral degradation during the time fresh food in transported, packaged and sat on a supermarket shelf.  Great news in you’re are living in the North East of England, where it’s averaged people only consume 3.3 portions of fruit or vegetables per day making it extra-vital to consume nutrient rich fruit & veg!
forzen fruit frozen fruit veg
Freezing chicken has been found to reduce levels of the bacteria Campylobacter (the most common form of food poisoning in the UK) which coats approximately 65% of the raw chicken in the UK (Sampers et al, 2010). Freezing your chicken is a fantastic way to cut down on the 300,000 cases of food poisoning in the UK each year related to this form of bacteria.

Discover and unlock the potential of frozen food where you can cut your food wastage and make seasonal boundaries a limitation of the past!

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