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19 June 2024

Guest Recipe: Livi Sheldon Salt & Pepper Chicken Pitta

We recently welcomed Livi Sheldon to #TeamGSN, and with a schedule as busy as hers, it’s easy to see why our products work so well for her.

Here’s her favourite use for our Salt & Pepper Chicken Bites, ready in 6mins.

Quite possibly the ultimate quick meal, bookmark this page for that odd occasion you don’t fancy a Pot O Gold.

If you prefer to watch than read… Find the video on YouTube, here.



Per person you’ll need:

80g Chicken Bites (Livi goes with the Salt & Pepper here, but BBQ or Fajita will also work well!)

50g Light Halloumi

1 Pitta / Flatbread

Sweet chilli sauce

Piri Piri mayo

Salad (optional)

We’re using a couple of Nandos sauces here, feel free to sub in your favourite, other brands are available! The above will make one, hefty-meal-sized pitta, feel free to split the ingredients across two breads, the average pitta comes in at ~130kcal.



Slice your halloumi, dry it with kitchen roll or a clean tea towel (this is the trick to getting it crispy) brush it with oil or spray with Fry Light. Pop it in one side of your air fryer.

Place your Chicken Bites on the other side of the air fryer and cook for 6 minutes, turning halfway (based on a preheated 200° fryer).

Pop your pitta into the toaster, and commence toasting (you can do this under the grill too).

In an ideal world, your pitta will pop up just after you’ve turned the air fryer goodies, but that’ll depend on your toaster or grill.

While you wait for the air fryer, throw some leaves/ cucumber/ tomatoes into or onto the pitta, promptly followed by your halloumi, cooked chicken, and a decent squirt of both sauces.



There are a few ways to build these, some of the office prefer to lay all the ingredients atop the bread ‘pizza style’, others simply ‘fill and eat’.