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We've done it! A Healthy Chocolate that actually tastes delicious.

Healthy Chocolate does exist and we've discovered it! I'm pretty sure we could write absolutely anything in this part of the blog and 90% of readers will scroll right past and get to the mouth-watering part where we give away our top secret recipe on how to make a great tasting, Paleo, raw and healthy chocolate.

To save you scrolling through we'll start with the recipe and method and then provide further information and pointers on how these particular ingredients not only create an amazing tasting chocolate but also a delicious treat for your body.



- 3 tbsp Coconut Oil

- 60g Crushed mixed nuts and or seeds. You can make these as chunky or smooth as possible and recommend using raw nuts and a pestle and mortar to get the texture you want.
- 20g Whey Protein
- 3.5 tsp cacao (raw unprocessed cocoa, much more nutrient rich) or cocoa is fine
- 30g coconut sugar (when organic/raw this has a GI of 35 which is ridiculously low)
- 50g Cacao Butter
- Add coconut oil and cacao butter to a pan on very low heat and melt. This bit is very important, you need to keep the temperature below 40°C to keep the food "raw" in addition to this if you heat the oil and cacao butter until it is too hot it will burn the cacao powder slightly (when added) and give the chocolate a slightly bitter taste.- Add in cacao powder, whey protein, coconut sugar and nuts. Mix together until forming a thick paste-like texture and all the non-liquid ingredients are coated and equally dispersed. There needs to be enough coconut oil & cacao butter to create a liquid, if you need to add coconut oil to create more liquid you can. This paste should be similar viscosity to thick custard.- Remove from heat and try, this may be time to add or adjust ingredients to your liking.

- Move into a container(s) and refrigerate, putting on the top shelf (warmest shelf) in the fridge. Cacao powder is fragile heating up too quickly and cooling too quickly can weaken flavour.

- When the mix is set/solid your chocolate is ready to divide and eat.

So what is it about these ingredients that make it healthy?

Coconut Butter/Oil

Coconut Oil contains high levels of saturated fats, these are often deemed as ‘bad fats’ and often get bad media.

One difference with coconut oil is these chains of saturated fats are much shorter (Medium Chain Triglycerides) than usual saturated fat chains, this make it a hell of a lot easier for your body to unhook each link in the chain and use each link more effectively.Each link of these chains unhooks in your liver and is quickly used as energy for you to burn right away.

Crushed Nuts/Seeds & Whey Protein These are 2 ingredients in our healthy chocolate that are common so not in need of too much spiel. Depending on which nuts/seeds you include will fluctuate the types and levels of vitamins, minerals, antioxidant and fibre then we have protein in there to increase your, errr, protein intake :) This will help to maintain muscle mass when/if you are on a deficit.

Cacao & Cacao Butter Don't you mean cocoa? Nope. Cacao and cocoa are the same thing, but different. Cacao Powder and Butter are made from pressing cacao beans at temperatures under 40 degrees and without roasting. The fats from the bean separate to give to you the butter and living enzymes stay in the removed cacao powder. Keeping this process at much cooler temperatures ensures nutrient quality in the ingredients and makes cacao one of the richest sources of magnesium on the planet! In terms of macros this is also super-low carbohydrates.

Coconut Sugar It's still sugar right? Yes, you can't avoid it if you want a sweet treat there is bound to be sugar, unless you want to play around with sweeteners that have some nasty side-effects. Swapping to coconut sugar (preferably organic) allows you to enjoy a much lower GI alternative when compared to table sugar and even apples! Unlike most other sugars available coconut sugar is not an "empty food" and does contain nutrients such as zinc and magnesium.

We'd love to know what you think of our chocolate and see how yours has turned out, please upload any chocolate making pictures to social media and tag us in :) Also congratulations if you have read down to this part of the blog as well without diverting to other websites to purchase your healthy chocolate making ingredients.
Enjoy :)
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