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20 June 2024

Lets Talk About (and make) Burritos

At 357kcal our Mean Mexican Beef Chilli has the option to be elevated beyond its ‘mere healthy frozen ready meal status’.

Also, who doesn’t love a burrito, upscaling a Pot O Gold into one means (pun intended) we’ve done the hard work of cooking chilli and rice for you. AND, the macros are tuned to what you’d expect from GSN.

It’s a burrito, no excuses needed.


Adding a wrap, cheese and your Mexican favourite ‘condiments’ takes you up to around 600kcal. The perfect calorie count for an average evening meal.

Salsa, guacamole and mozzarella are our additions here, but do what you want – it’s your burrito.

A quick note on salsa, as we didn’t realise just how low-calorie it is… A recommended serving of 2tbsp can be as low as 12 calories – so be generous.

If you’d like to make your own salsa, it’s a 5-minute job, really cheap, and BBC Good Food has the recipe, here.

BBC Good Food also have you covered for Guacamole, a 10-minute make. But it is well worth it for that ‘super fresh & clean’ taste.

For anyone who’d like a deeper dive into burritos (who doesn’t) Sporkful meet a man who’s rolled 5 million, and talk Mexican burrito culture, here.



What you need


1 x Mean Mexican Beef Chilli Pot O Gold

1 x Wrap




Chilli flakes (if you’d like it extra mean)


How to do it


Heat your Pot O Gold in the microwave for 6 minutes as normal, stirring halfway.

Lay out your wrap and apply salsa, guacamole, cheese

Preheat your air fryer to 200 degrees.**

Spoon your Pot O Gold into the middle of the wrap*

Apply more salsa, guacamole and cheese

Create your burrito by folding in the left and right sides, tucking the bottom up and rolling (see pics/video)

Airfry the burrito for 2 mins**




*Average wraps will take 4/5ths of the pot – consume the remainder at the airfry stage. Some wraps (e.g. Mission Brand) will take the whole Pot O Gold

**The air fry stage is optional, it’ll give the burrito a crispness which we enjoy and makes consuming the meal less hazardous.