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Try some of our nutritional recipes or send us some of your own to make your recipe famous!

How to make protein flapjacks

Here at MyGSN HQ we love delicious, healthy and convenient foods! That's why we have created an easy-to-follow recipe for these high protein flapjacks.Whether you are a baking pro or this is your first recipe, these must-try's are so easy...

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Honey & Barbeque Meatball Cassoulet Recipe

I’m so proud to once again be working with Gold Standard Nutrition. For years now they’ve been delivering some of the best ingredients to the nation and I’m so pleased to be part of their team once more!  Today’s recipe combines t...

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Paprika & Yellow Pepper Chicken Salad

Huge thanks to Adam at for this delicious, simple and nutritious meal that takes next to no time to prepare! "I love collaborating with Gold Standard Nutrition as their ingredients and sauces are of such a high...

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Paprika Chicken with Spicy Sweet Potato Salad Recipe

Another amazing recipe from Food & Fitness Always, this mouth watering dish shows just how adaptable and versatile salads can be. Balanced and packed full of flavour, this inventive recipe is anything but boring, has plenty of protei...

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Ostrich Steak Rice Paper Rolls Recipe

Gold Standard Nutrition Ostrich Fillet Steaks are an alternative but protein packed protein source for all your favourite recipes. This one from Lean bean Nutrition is a little different but uses the steaks to great effect and is a unconve...

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Pulled Pork & Chorizo Hash Recipe

Another fantastic recipe from Food & Fitness always, Adam is a food and fitness blogger who has been using Gold Standard Nutrition products for a while now and turn them into beautiful looking and amazingly tasty meals. Make sure to f...

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Thai stuffed Salmon with red chilli & garlic glaze recipe

Fantastic recipe from Lean Bean Nutrition - Great use of our new healthy sauces as a glaze to make this extremely quick but delicious meal. As well as using our healthy chilli and garlic sauce, this uses salmon which is included in our 30...

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Red Onion & Paprika Beef Burger Recipe

This beef burger recipe from Food & Fitness Always has really captured our imagination and shows how versatile our Grass Fed Lean Beef Mince is. This simple recipe takes less than 30 mins, is high in protein and is a different twist on...

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We've done it! A Healthy Chocolate that actually tastes delicious.

Healthy Chocolate does exist and we've discovered it! I'm pretty sure we could write absolutely anything in this part of the blog and 90% of readers will scroll right past and get to the mouth-watering part where we give away our top secre...

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Gold Standard Nutrition Cajun Chicken Salad Recipe

                    Used with permission of Adam Warren at Food and Fitness Always.   Serves 2  |  Prep 10 Mins  |  Cooking 15 Mins Ingred...

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