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Try some of our nutritional recipes or send us some of your own to make your recipe famous!

Gold Standard Nutrition Kebab Recipe

  Gold Standard Nutrition Ostrich Kebab Recipe A nice simple recipe that is perfect for prepping before a training session and then eating afterwards. Ingredients: 2 x Gold standard ostrich steaks Flava-it marinade (Chinese) Pe...

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Gold Standard Nutrition Ostrich Breakfast Stacker Recipe

This is an extremely quick and easy recipe and makes for a fantastic breakfast or mid-morning brunch. With a full Ostrich burgers and an egg included, it is brimming with protein and is nutritionally balanced. Another one of our great Ostr...

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GSN Chicken & Veg Bake Recipe

This is an amazing dish that doesn't take as long as you think and has plenty of great veg as well as a decent amount of protein. Ingredients: 2 GSN Chicken breasts. 2 slices of good quality ham. 1 slice of cheddar cheese. 4 mushrooms. ...

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GSN egg white burrito with Ostrich Steak

This nice and quick recipe is easy to make and is absolutely brimming with protein. Ingredients: 1 Ostrich Steak ½ cup grated sweet potato 2 tsps coconut oil 4 egg whites Pinch of Paprika and garlic spice. Method: Slice the o...

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Gold Standard Nutrition Chicken & Courgette Carbonara

This recipe was submitted by Dr Emma Kirke, if you would like to have a meal of your featured on our blog please email an ingredients list, method and some photos taken throughout the process of making it to mike@goldstandardnutrition.c...

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GSN Spinach, Mango, Lime & Honey Chicken Salad

Possibly the simplest recipe we have featured on our GSN food blog, what this dish lacks in complexity, it makes up for in convenience and an unbelievable taste that mixes two of our favourite  flavours. This recipe was submitted by Ben...

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Gold Standard Nutrition Almond Chilli Chicken

An amazing recipe submitted by Dr Emma Kirke, a simple yet very effective recipe that mixes oriental flavours perfectly and uses our GSN Steamed to it's full potential.   Ingredients: 3 GSN chicken breasts 8 stems asparagus 1 ...

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Gold Standard Nutrition Super Quick Stir-fry

A fantastically quick recipe that is ready in less than 15 mins, this was sent to us by Chris Yendell, sent us your recipes to to be featured on our blog and to claim prizes. Ingredients: 1 x GSN Chicken...

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Almighty GSN Chicken Salad

Ingredients: • 1  GSN chicken breast, sliced lengthways • 1-2 carrots, grated • ½ red onion, finely sliced • 1-2 big handfuls raw spinach • 6-12 olives • Big dollop of homemade mayonnaise (see recipe below) • Sea S...

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Ingredients •Gold Standard Nutrition Chicken breast x 1 • Boiled egg x 1 • Butter • Ground pepper Method 1. Slice a chicken breast in half lengthways. 2. Slice a boiled egg into a few slithers, about ½ cm width each. 3. Sla...

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