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Iain, GSN Nutritionist

"Hi my name is Iain and I personally look after anyone and everyone taking on Gold Standard Nutrition's "body transformation packages". As well as being qualified in Sports & Exercise Nutrition I have over 7 years experience working in the field of nutrition, meal planning and supplementation, applying simple, effective methods that provide consistent results. 

I’ve been heavily involved in sports since an early age, competing in academy and semi-professional level football and more recently; CrossFit, Boxing, Sprinting and Weight Training. I "practice what I preach" and love to work closely with those looking to improve performance and/or composition through nutrition. 

As well as guiding you through your meal plan, I aim to help educate you on a sustainable way to manage your diet long-term. I am available to support via email, telephone and live chat (via making it as easy as possible for you to talk to me if you ever get stuck. 

Any questions? Drop me a message at and i'll get back to you right away"


A Personal Service

After purchasing your body transformation package Iain will be in touch as soon as possible to gather information needed to set up your meal plan(s)


Track Your Progress

Iain will set check in dates and work closely with you over duration of your package to ensure you are getting the results you want


Get Results

We'll ensure you get the results you want and your plan is easy to follow throughout. If you have any questions now or anytime throughout we're available via email, telephone or live chat

The Key Stats

  • Key 99%

    would recommend to a friend or colleague

  • Key 81%

    report increased energy

  • Key 76%

    of people rate a Pot O Gold as their favourite meal

  • Key 75%

    of people have hit a personal target while on the challenge

  • Key 100%

    of people would continue with any principle/method of the 30 Day Challenge

  • Key 60%

    of people that measured lost 2 or more inches around their waist (10% of people lost 6 or more inches around their waist)

Choose your bundle

30 Day Body Transformation Package

  • Includes a fully personalised MEAL PLAN
  • The comprehensive 30 day meal plan and food package from Gold Standard Nutrition
  • Convenient meals take the hard work and stress out of your prep
£209.99 View

8 Day "Eat Right" Package

  • Includes a fully personalised MEAL PLAN
  • 8 day taster food package from Gold Standard Nutrition
  • Convenient meals take the hard work and stress out of your prep
£75.00 View

30 Day Meal Plan Only Package

  • Includes a fully personalised meal plan
  • 1 on 1 contact with qualified nutritionist
  • Tailor your diet and achieve your goals faster

Guy’s Story

For the first week I found it quite difficult as I have never dieted in this way before normally when I’m hungry I’ll eat whatever I feel like things like chocolate or crisps but I've always stayed slim. After the first week the plan was easier to stick to and I found myself not wanting all my old food cravings at all.

Kellie’s Story

It's great for helping people to achieve their goals and the tailored individual plans are excellent, instead of the generic plans PT's hand out

Andrew's Story

I stuck to the plan religiously and after a month (of what never even felt like a diet) I'd lost over a stone in weight!!! I'd started to fit in my clothes better, feel healthier and feel lighter too.

I have always eaten healthy home cooked food and am not much of a snacker. But have also skipped meals as there's not enough time to make/eat or I didn't want to eat what was on offer. The challenge opened my eyes to how important it is to eat regularly and how to eat around my work and training. The precooked meats save so much time and mean I can eat properly wherever I am.

- Sara Southey

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