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Bundle Deals

The Gold Standard Nutrition range was designed to incorporate a full mix of food suitable for people who need convenient, healthy food tastes great & is quick to prepare. We are passionate about real food and we hope you enjoy eating our products as much as we do!

Pot O Gold Taster Bundle (10 Pot O Gold Meals)

  • Great to share out with co-workers
  • Easy to prepare
  • Convenient & delicious meals
£30.00 View

Pots O Gold - Month Supply (27 Pots)

  • Save money when you buy in bulk!
  • Conveneient, delicious & high in protein
  • Pick your own flavours!
£73.99 View

MEGA Pot O Gold Bundle (54 pots)

  • 54 Pots O Gold (Healthy Frozen Ready Meals)
  • Save money when you buy in bulk!
  • Pick your own flavours!
£142.99 View

8 Day "Eat Right" Package

  • Includes a fully personalised MEAL PLAN
  • 8 day taster food package from Gold Standard Nutrition
  • Convenient meals take the hard work and stress out of your prep
£74.99 View