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Customer Reviews

Our customers love our products! Here's what a few had to say...

Really fresh, convenient

"Honestly best thing I ever did, having 3 children and working crazy unsociable hours, I never realised how much time it could save me. The chicken is ideal especially knowing the correct weight of each piece & tastes great.

Big fan of the pots of goal on a busy day in between clients I still get the chance to eat tasty healthy food. All the guys in the staff room try to grab them off me because they smell so good, really fresh, really convenient.

My client Craig is a nurse works nights/days and on call & they perfectly fit for him, he's still getting great results in the gym gaining muscle & really enjoying what he's eating. "

Louise Etchells - Pure Gym PT/ Mother of 3

How awesome is that!

"I was actually comparing the frozen chicken at Lidl with this until I realised that GSN chicken are all pre-cooked! How awesome is that! I can just cut down prep time, being that I'm really busy as a post-graduate student! Really looking forward to the benefits at the end of 12 months from consuming GSN food!"

Yue En Chong - Retail Customer

Perfect every time

"I have been using this product within my Slimming World Food optimising plan.
It really helps to know that within a few minutes I can have lean , moist, chicken to build a meal around.
Those following the same Food Optimising plan should definitely buy some. Great price - website recipes - Healthy food. Perfect every time."

Sue - slimming world

I will never buy a raw chicken breast again!

"I will never buy a raw chicken breast again! The steamed chicken breats are so quick, versatile and easy to prepare, juicy and tender with more flavour than your usual water filled supermarket rubbish!"

Adam - Retail customer

Best product I have found

"It isn't until I run out that I realise what life was like before I found GSN chicken!

It tastes far better than any I cook myself and is so convenient. No wastage, I just get it out the night before and it is ready to eat for my meals the next day. Even if I forget I just drop it in a bowl of boiling water for a few minutes and ready to eat. Best product I have found, great price and fast delivery. "

Chris - Retail customer

Using quality produce is a necessity

"With 7 years as a chef in the catering industry I understand the importance of quality produce especially when it comes to healthy nutrition. Coupling that with my bodybuilding/fitness lifestyle where nutrition is extremely important, using quality produce is a necessity when wanting to get the most out of the hard work you put into training.

GSN chicken is not just high quality, very convenient but excellent value for money and great tasting. It has been a huge help for my contest prep making batch meal preparation so much easier. Having GSN chicken in the freezer means there is no excuse for anyone eating unhealthy meals as it can be used as part of a wide variety of dishes"

Matt Reynolds - Retail Customer

Can't beat it!

"Just can't beat these chicken breasts. I'd never be able to cook them to be so juicy. Delivered quickly, a price much lower than supermarkets, well packaged, just defrost and eat."

Jonathan Fear - Retail Customer

A breath of fresh air

"Pots O Gold really are a breath of fresh air. Genuinely healthy, top quality ingredients make the pots so nutritious, so tasty and so so easy! The Pots O Gold are so delicious, you literally find yourself looking forward to and craving your next pot! Who needs to order a chinese when you can reach for a chilli black bean Pot O Gold! Or replace that indian with a Tikka pot!"

Rick - Retail Customer

Top quality

"All the GSN products are top quality and very convenient. I lead quite a hectic lifestyle but still want to keep on top of my diet without spending hours prepping food. I've been using GSN for around two years now, and I've never looked back since. I take my chicken out on the night, allow it to defrost and then eat it the next day. This saves me a huge amounts of time on preparing food enabling me to have more time to myself. I would recommend the GSN products to anyone hands down the best in the game! "

Personal trainer

Absolutely perfect

"Ready in 6 minutes, a great selection of flavours and nutritionally balanced, absolutely perfect if, like me, you lead a busy lifestyle and don't have time to prep your food.

The flavours are all delicious, especially the Piri Piri and Chilli Black Bean ones and now you can hand pick your selection of flavours, it's even better. Been buying for over 12 months now and never been let down, great product. "

Greg Andrews - Retail customer

I wouldn't be without it

""What's for tea?????" The dreaded I now have the answer I need in my freezer to feed my hungry lot. I just grab some ready cooked chicken from GSN and know that I can feed them all. It takes just minutes to get that meal sorted for all. No chewy bits just great chicken every time. Kids all love it. Family food always at hand. Easy to get extra out too if any extra friends turn up. I keep a bag in my freezer. I wouldn't be without it."

Feeding the family

Nothing compares to it

"Easy of use, I work full time and have multiple training sessions in the evenings so don't have time for meal prep often. Being able to pop into the freezer and have readmade meals that fuel me for the day is perfect. I find when trying to make lunches is similar to the pots when I'm in the supermarket at lunchtime never compares and ends up costing me so much more "

Tradesman & rugby player