How much carbohydrates should I be eating?


“I just have to look at carbs and I seem to put on weight!”

Is this you?

If not then I’m sure you will know someone who only has to have the slightest whiff of carbs and, BOOM!!! As if someone magically just made all your clothes tighter over night! How dare they!!

carbs everywhere

Q; Does someone’s body type/ genotype determine how they handle certain macro-nutrients, more specifically carbs?

A; Yes….and no

Can you do something about this, to then be able to handle carbohydrates more efficiently? Let’s face it, I’m pretty confident in saying everyone would like to be able to handle and eat more crabs right?

First of all, we need to look at the different types of bodies, as this will have indicators of  how someone may or may not be able to tolerate carbs. Note that not everyone will fall directly into these 3 types, more often than not there will be a crossover of 2, simply putting every single person into these 3 types would show lack of knowledge and being narrow minded.



  • Slightly more rounded body
  • Wide hips and shoulders
  • Higher body fat levels/ easily stores fuel
  • Lower resistance to carbs
  • More suited to activities such as; Rugby, Olympic Lifting, Powerlifting and Strength Training



  • Wide shoulders/ thin waist
  • Holds more musculature
  • Pronounced jaw line
  • Higher testosterone levels
  • Tend to be leaner
  • Suited to a wide range of activities



  • Narrow shoulders and hips
  • Learner than Endomorphs and Mesomorphs
  • Utilises fuel a lot quicker/ high metabolism
  • Tolerance to carbs is higher
  • Struggles to put lean tissue on/ loses lean tissue easily
  • More suited to endurance orientated activities


Potentially someone who is born with certain features that lean more towards an Endomorph, may be more resistant to carbs than other genotypes. However, as you get older your dietary history and your surroundings will play a major role in determining how you handle carbs.

Years of overeating carbs will build up greater resistance and an inability to utilise energy, also digestive issues will come as a result of this. Furthermore, years of overeating certain food types, or the same type of food over extended periods of time will build up intolerance’s within the gut.

So what does all this mean? What can someone do who is more resistant to carbohydrates and stores energy easier than most, do to ensure he/ she handles carbs better and minimises the storage of fuel?

People in this genotype need to ensure they are more sensitive to carbohydrates, therefore their daily intake of carbs needs to be slightly lower. In addition to this, getting the majority of their carbs post workout would help with minimising the storage of energy. Again, this type of body would be more inclined to fewer, bigger meals as turn over of fuel is slightly lower than other body types.

Weight bearing exercise and high intensity interval training are great tools to build insulin sensitivity.

You will need to be aware of what types of foods spark the repository of fuel and/ or symptomatic intolerance’s. Removal of these foods for a period of time will allow the body to build up the enzymes needed to break down the food, then slowly reintroduce them foods back into your diet. This will also allow time for the digestive system to correct itself.

Approximately 20-25% of your total energy intake would be derived from carbs. Let’s say for example if a your genotype is that of a Endomorph and you were on 2700 kcals per day,with a body composition orientated goal. 20% of your total energy intake would equate to 540kcals, or 135g carbs per day.

Split this up into two meals, one pre workout and one post, with 55g carbs pre and 80g post workout (in addition to protein and a source of veg). Other meals would consist proteins and fats.

With a few slight adjustments and smarter timing of foods, you will now be able to have a whiff AND eat alllll the carbs!


Written by

Dan Marriott


Apex Professional Fitness

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