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Delicious, convenient & healthy frozen food

Really fresh, convenient

"Honestly best thing I ever did, having 3 children and working crazy unsociable hours, I never realised how much time it could save me. The chicken is ideal especially knowing the correct weight of each piece & tastes great.

Big fan of the pots of goal on a busy day in between clients I still get the chance to eat tasty healthy food. All the guys in the staff room try to grab them off me because they smell so good, really fresh, really convenient. "

Louise Etchells - Pure Gym PT/ Mother of 3
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So so easy!

"Pots O Gold really are a breath of fresh air. Genuinely healthy, top quality ingredients make the pots so nutritious, so tasty and so so easy!

The Pots O Gold are so delicious, you literally find yourself looking forward to and craving your next pot! Who needs to order a chinese when you can reach for a chilli black bean Pot O Gold! Or replace that indian with a Tikka pot!"

Rick - Retail Customer
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How awesome is that!

"I was actually comparing the frozen chicken at Lidl with this until I realised that GSN chicken are all pre-cooked! How awesome is that!

I can just cut down prep time, being that I'm really busy as a post-graduate student! Really looking forward to the benefits at the end of 12 months from consuming GSN food!"

Yue En Chong - Retail Customer
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