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Thu, December 2016

Best weight loss transformation of 2016!!! – Andrew Paterson

2016 is the second full year of us running our hugely successful 30 Day Challenge. We offer the BEST value meal plan and food bundle combination on the market, where you receive 60 full meals and 30 lean meat portions alongside a meal plan that is specifically tailored for you. Choose from weight loss, performance (maintenance) or muscle gain and successfully work towards your goal.
At the beginning of 2016 we launched our NEW meal planning app (GSN Life) which cleverly calculates your meals and timings based around your routine and goals. The app also allows our in-house nutritionists to edit, adjust and work alongside you to guarantee success.
We’ve now seen nearly 2000 challengers complete our 30 Day Challenge. One set of results that really, really stand out are Andrew Paterson’s. After taking part in his first 30 Day Challenge in May this year, Andrew has gone onto complete his 2nd and 3rd 30 Day Challenges with breath-taking results. Here’s what Andrew had to say…
– Why did you start the 30 Day Challenge?
In September 2014 I had an umbilical hernia repair, which slowed my training. Having also had gall bladder disease for two years, I finally opted for open surgery in October 2015, which again put me out of action as well as effecting my digestion, particularly my ability to digest fat. When combined with terrible eating habits it lead to piling on fat . I also had hormonal issues after my surgeries, but I’m not a victim and carried on training throughout, as I have on and off since I was 14.
I decided enough was enough and it was time to stop making excuses. I saw the GSN 30 Day Challenge and at first glance thought it was expensive.andrew-paterson-side

“After sitting down and working it out realised it was actually very reasonably priced, so decided to have a go”

– How did you find the process of the 30 Day Challenge in terms of ordering, receiving food and getting your meal plan?\
I was impressed with the ease of ordering and support provided by Gold Standard Nutrition.
– What did you think of your results after your first 30 days?
I stuck to the plan religiously and after a month (of what never even felt like a diet) I’d lost over a stone in weight!!! I’d started to fit in my clothes better, feel healthier and feel lighter too.
– What has been your favourite thing/meal of the 30 Day Challenge?
I love the ostrich fillets and sweet potato mash. Also all flavours of the Pots O Gold!
– Who do you feel could benefit from the 30 Day Challenge?
Anybody at all could benefit from the challenge and could actually save money doing it too. All your meals are planned out and results are almost guaranteed!
For the limited time only we’re offering YOU the chance to use our GSN Life tool to create a demo meal plan for FREE. Click here to try our GSN Life demo app. 
Any questions about the GSN 30 Day Challenge please don’t hesitate to contact or go to

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