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When you get fitness pros, nutritionists and retail experts in a room together, one thing becomes immediately clear… trying to eat healthy can be a proper effort!

Meal prep, studying macros, trying to stay healthy on the go. Not to mention all the over-processed junk foods out there. It holds people back.

Over the last 10 years we’ve built GSN based on one simple idea – healthy food should be easy.

It’s the benchmark we set for ourselves and our products. High protein, low sugar, low salt and always effortless to make. Because good nutrition shouldn’t be an effort, it should be the standard.

For everyone.


Fast-forward 10 years & we are one of the UK’s leading Healthy Frozen food brands…

Since 2012, we have now developed into one of the UK’s leading frozen healthy food brands & you will find us stocked in over 400 gyms and shops across the country. We have introduced 24 products, created through rigorous rounds of trialling and lots of tasting. This was so we could bring you the perfect products that not only meet, but exceed our aim of tasty food.

Our initial and flagship product quickly became a hit across the UK. The iconic gold bag of 2.5kg Steam Cooked Chicken Breasts provides a simple and easy way to prepare meals, without sacrificing taste. We then wanted to create a high protein ready meal that wasn’t full of carbohydrates, sugars, preservatives and other additives usually associated with ready meals. Introducing ‘the Pot O Gold’…a microwavable, high protein, low sugar ready meal, ready in 6 minutes, with a freezer life of 12+ months!

Whether you’re an aspiring chef, gym fanatic or a busy mum on-the-go – GSN provides the ultimate experience delivered to your front door. High protein, low sugar and always effortless to make. Because good nutrition shouldn’t be an effort, it should be the standard. For everyone.


A Word from Craig Allen – Founder of GSN

‘I want to tell you about me, the Craig who dropped out of university to chase a new dream. In 2012 I explored an idea that Steam Cooked Chicken 

would be great for students and gym-goers to make healthy eating, easier. I started each day by loading up 3 freezers into the van and a box full of stickered-up gold bags. I would drive across the M62 to Manchester every day and pick up 225 bags of chicken (all that I could fit in the freezer compartment of the van) and then drive to deliver the bags to a stockist that had ordered them. All whilst scouting out 4/5 new stockists that I would pop into en route, trying to build my milk round. Some days I would be out 18 hours a day just driving the country at 56mph but I knew it would be worth it once we built the foundations.’

Craig Allen, Father of 2, Husband and very proud business owner.