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15 February 2023

Meet the GSN Team: Bekka…


Introducing Bekka. From noon to night, Bekka juggles many titles. Including, but not limited to… Super Mum of 3, Figure Bodybuilder,  Crossfit Athlete, Online Lifestyle Coach and finally… Queen of GSN Wholesale.

I joined GSN in August 2021, in the role of customer service. Since then, i’ve moved over into the wholesale side of the business. This has soon became my absolute passion. I love looking after hundreds of our stockists across the UK. Especially to work with them to develop new and exciting opportunities within this field everyday – this gets me the title of “Queen of wholesale”!  

I also juggle many other titles …Super Mum of 3 very energetic boys, Figure Bodybuilder,  Crossfit Athlete , Online lifestyle coach.


What started you on your fitness journey?


I have always been into health and fitness from a very young age – I danced as a child , loved PE and then as I got a little older I was always active in some way, whether that be using the gym, going on long bike rides and walks around our home village or taking part in fitness classes.


Once i got into my adult years I qualified to teach Insanity Fitness classes too – and even taught Craig (GSN FOUNDER ) and the rest of his football team mates for some pre season fitness – I almost killed them doing burpees.


How do you stay motivated to reach your health and fitness goals?


During my childhood, my mum owned her own gym and taught many freelance fitness classes. She lead a very busy life being a self employed mum, and myself and my brother were always dragged along with her to her step aerobics classes after school instead of her finding a babysitter as my Dad worked long shifts.


So I’ve grown up with health and fitness being a big part of my life because of my mum. She is also the happiest, most positive and energetic person and my absolute role model – A true inspiration! She is the reason why I am so motivated and the person I am today.


What has your fitness journey been like?


I started CrossFit in 2016 and quickly became hooked on it – I loved the challenge and the community in the CrossFit world, is incomparable to other gym environments! I soon started to compete across the UK within CrossFit and loved every minute!


I find the human body fascinating… how we can manipulate it to grow or shrink depending on exercise so I started to develop an interest in bodybuilding! I’d never really had the opportunity to do this nor did i want to give up CrossFit however some changes occurred in my life and it brought me to realise that if you want something, go get it!


I hung up my booty shorts and lifting shoes in 2020 and grabbed a stage bikini and a bodybuilding coach and soon settled in to a new way of training. This new way of life developed into a hunger to get on stage and compete in a Figure bodybuilding category. I loved the discipline, I loved the daily routine, I even loved the process of the comp prep and getting super lean.



In July and August 2022 I competed for the first time as a IFBB Figure Bodybuilder – I spent 23 weeks in the run up to these comps in a very strict diet prep and won a few medals off the back of it too! GSN Chicken was my absolute saviour throughout this process – to have pre-cooked and prepared chicken available to be able to take out of the freezer, defrost and go was the best thing for me making my competition prep an absolute dream and stress free.


After the bodybuilding competition, I soon felt like I didn’t need to continue competitively within the bodybuilding industry – plus I was really missing the CrossFit community and getting sweaty in crazy workouts! Starting this year, I’ve now started back at Crossfit and building up my strength within this!



Tell us about your day to day regime…


Bodybuilding taught me that consistency is key to being successful. I don’t believe anyone is “always” motivated but I do think discipline plays a huge part of sustaining motivation. Sometimes  (especially during the winter months) I don’t want to get up at 4.30am however this is when discipline takes over because if I don’t get up and start my daily routine, then I won’t meet my goals. Goal setting is a huge part of my life – if we don’t set ourselves goals, it’s easy to lose sight of our dreams. I often find, that’s when we start saying things like ‘I can’t be bothered’ or ‘I couldn’t do what you do’ etc.


Persistency, Positivity, Discipline, and stepping out of your comfort zone is exactly what will keep you on track to be as motivated as possible.


I recently bought an ice bath and have added this to my morning routine – I really hate being cold and this takes me completely out of my comfort zone – it challenging my brain to deny negative thoughts. I find this really makes me feel fantastic afterwards and is a great recovery tool.


I live a SUPER busy lifestyle! I’m up at the crack of dawn to make sure I can fit everything in on a daily basis  (no excuses ) and I have a very organised and planned out week. 

A typical day for me is …

4.15 am Alarm, hydrate, Cardio , Short Walk 

5.30 am Gym session at Ultraflex Hull or Crossfit class at Crossfit Barbaric

7.30 am School run and commute to work 

9.00am Work (I have the best job ever) 

2.00pm Lunchtime walk  – gotta get them steps in

5.00pm Finish work and collect the kiddies from after school clubs – commute back home

6.30pm Onwards  –  grocery shopping , homework, bath and bed the kids, prepare for the following day  etc 

8.30/ 9.00pm Bedtime 


Some things in my daily routine that help me get up & start my days are…

1- A good bedtime routine -I go to bed around the same time every night and i get up around the same time every morning (regardless of what day of the week it is). This helps me to build healthy habits that soon become ‘the norm’. Nowadays, I often find myself naturally waking up before my alarm due my in-sync circadian rhythm.

2- Lumie Lamp or SAD Lamp – Especially in the cold, dark winter months i find it’s very hard to pull myself out of bed. Using light therapy first thing on a morning soon makes me feel energised and ready for the day ahead. It improves mood and also helps improve your circadian rhythm.

3- Hydration plays a big role in kick starting my morning – a litre of water in fasted state will hydrate you and your internal organs nicely for the day ahead.



How does GSN help you to achieve your goals?


Like many others , life is non-stop for me but a very helpful element to my busy schedule  is the beauty of consuming our extremely versatile GSN products…

I can pop a Pot O Gold in the microwave for 6 minutes while I do a quick hoover or empty and fill the dishwasher (multitasking at its best). Grab a rocky road bar as a post workout protein boost before the mad rush to the school run or if I keep a couple of tubs of Overnight Oats in the fridge I have a quick , nutritious breakfast to grab and go with! GSN makes life easier.

As an online coach I often set out new plans and goals for my clients and often revert back to the GSN macro calculator if one of my clients have a specific goal – it’s easy and quick to use and gives you a fabulous guide to how to reach these macros.


Feeling inspired? Head over to our Macro Calculator to start your healthy eating journey –