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Gold Standard Nutrition Blog

Latest product news, recipe ideas, diet plans and nutrition news.

How many scoops of protein powder?

How many scoops of Protein powder? Questions are great … but only if you know the answers and ask the right questions! So whilst you may want to know how many scoops of protein powder you should be adding to your shake you should firs...

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How to make protein flapjacks

Here at MyGSN HQ we love delicious, healthy and convenient foods! That's why we have created an easy-to-follow recipe for these high protein flapjacks.Whether you are a baking pro or this is your first recipe, these must-try's are so easy...

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Honey & Barbeque Meatball Cassoulet Recipe

I’m so proud to once again be working with Gold Standard Nutrition. For years now they’ve been delivering some of the best ingredients to the nation and I’m so pleased to be part of their team once more!  Today’s recipe combines t...

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Pre-Workout Nutrition

PRE-WORKOUT NUTRITION  “You are what you eat”, “Food is Fuel”, “Abs are made in the kitchen” ….. Sound familiar? Well these are all sayings that we have all heard over the years; particularly in recent years, as the fitness ...

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International Waffle Day Recipes!

For some people March 25th is just another day, however for all us foodies out there we of course know that March 25th is INTERNATIONAL WAFFLE DAY! As we bask in all its glory and rejoice at being able to create and recreate or favourite ...

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Salt Awareness - Now that's SALTY!

As 2018's salt awareness week draws to a close we here at GSN HQ have you covered for a one stop read for all of the headline making news and research that we have all been talking about this week, including how the most popular Chinese tak...

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Paprika & Yellow Pepper Chicken Salad

Huge thanks to Adam at for this delicious, simple and nutritious meal that takes next to no time to prepare! "I love collaborating with Gold Standard Nutrition as their ingredients and sauces are of such a high...

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Keeping Cholesterol Levels in Check on a High Protein Diet

The topic of cholesterol has been under close scrutiny and debate since its discovery more than two centuries ago; with many studies undertaken, producing a wide variety of conclusions. Thankfully today, the main facts about this substanc...

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Red Chilli & Garlic Chicken by FoodandFitness Always

Basically if you want a chicken dish on the table in under 10 minutes then you need GSN’s Steamed Chicken which you can simply defrost and eat, or re-heat like in this recipe. The recipe is super healthy. It’s got spinach, tomatoes, ch...

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10 most-searched nutrition questions - Answered

We've taken 10 of the most-searched nutrition questions in the UK and provided a quick, easy-to-understand answer. Take a look... What should my daily calorie intake be?  How long is a piece of string? There is not a definite, univer...

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