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29 March 2022

Behind the scenes at GSN

Here at GSN, our ethos has always been simple, goodness made easy. In recent times, as we’ve strived for this, you will have noticed that consistently providing effortless food, our favorite healthy habit, has become harder and harder than ever before…

The current economic climate is challenging, for us all. It’s no secret that the effects of COVID and these unprecedented times have caused supply chains to be stretched and the cost of goods to increase.



We’re adapting but remaining true to our values. As a small family-run Yorkshire business at our core we want to remain honest with everyone who comes in contact with our brand and share the challenges we have been facing and overcoming for the last 2 years with total transparency.

From battling the troubles hiring due to Brexit, we then encountered import issues from closed factories and limited resources making it harder to get card for the packaging.

Contingency plans in place and stretched, we’ve finally managed to secure up a wider supply chain that meets our high standards of food, whilst also back stocking on the items we can keep in long storage to make sure card never runs low for us again.



It’s with this we want to be upfront and clear with things you may spot over the next few months, the good and the bad.

Starting with the not so pretty. You’ll notice a few meals enter temporary packaging and it’s with this we want to be abundantly clear, inside you’ll still be eating the same meal but just in a slightly different tray. After all, it’s what’s on the inside that counts, right?

Stock will be in and out. As it has been recently, just whilst we get our factories up and running. We can only apologies and trust you understand whilst we work hard in the background.

THE GOOD! With a better supply chain, we have exciting news, a wider variety of products is incoming. More flavours, more options, and a more complete GSN diet supplying your whole day. It’s exciting and a very big positive to come out of the last few months.

As always, thank you for supporting GSN, and we look forward to growing with you.