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16 August 2016

Marine Diet – How Much Does Diet Matter to the Royal Marines? | GSN Part 2

When it comes to fitness, Royal Marines are right up there in terms of the fittest of the fit.
Diet plays a huge role in producing and maintaining this level of fitness and so we continue to follow the journey of CPL Guy Simpson on his mission to get in the best shape of his life before his wedding using Gold Standard Nutrition products.
In part 2 of Guy’s journey he talks about his training methods and tries to give us an idea about what exercises and techniques he uses.
The video is 7 minutes long but there are some great tips and pointers so make sure you watch it all:

Guy then goes on to explain a little behind the food he was using whilst on plan.
The convenience side of things was very important for Guy who doesn’t have a lot of time to prep meals etc. He didn’t want to sacrifice taste for the convenience factor and luckily, he loved all of the food he was eating.

Stay tuned for the third part of our Eat Clean Marine series where Guy will be talking about the weights of his food, portioning and more.