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24 August 2016

Marine Diet – How Much Does Diet Matter to the Royal Marines? | GSN Part 3

Continuing our ‘Eat Clean Marine’ series following Royal Marine CPL Guy Simpson on his mission to get back into shape before his wedding using Gold Standard Nutrition food.

In the video below, Guy talks about the importance of prepping his food and walks us through a typical days worth of prep for him. The fact GSN foods are all based around convenience helps him reduce this prep time significantly but by making sure he is organised, Guy can efficiently prepare his daily meals even with his very limited room and time.

Check out how Guy preps his daily meals below:

Guy then talks about the portioning of the meals and they fit his macros allowance. The simplicity of it may surprise you but planning ahead and making sure as much prep is done before cooking as possible means that he can keep his entire days meal prep down to just 20 minutes.
See how Guy portions his meals and gives us an insight into his meals and macros below:

Be sure to follow Guy’s journey, our next installment of Eat Clean Marine will feature a round up from Guy and an overview of the advantages of the foods and techniques he used.