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01 June 2022

GSN 2.0: Another Decade


When you get fitness pros, nutritionists and retail experts in a room together, one thing becomes immediately clear… trying to eat healthy can be a proper effort!

Meal prep, studying macros, trying to stay healthy on the go. Not to mention all the highly processed foods out there. It holds people back.

Over the last 10 years we’ve built GSN based on one simple idea – good nutrition shouldn’t be difficult, it should be the standard.

For everyone.



When we set up in 2012, we worked with athletes to develop a range that suited those who are ‘nutritionally aware’. We fast realised that you don’t need to be running 10 second 100m sprints to eat a healthy diet.

From the health conscious to those looking for a quick meal on the go, GSN is for everyone. So we needed our brand to reflect that.

Don’t worry though, our core values remain the same.

GSN is the pinnacle when it comes to getting your hands-on healthy food that’s easy to cook. From sourcing the best ingredients to the design of our packaging, we refuse to provide you with a product that doesn’t meet those core values.

Our tasty new look is just preparing us for what’s in store!




We know you’re here for the high protein goods, but that’s not their only asset. Our snacks and meals are low fat, low sugar, low in saturated fat, with vegetarian and gluten free options available too. Developed by experts to be nutritionally balanced –  packed with everything your body needs to get you through whatever your day looks like.



Carbonara, Korma and Caribbean Jerk Chicken. We’re a mile away from plain chicken and rice. Our range has been built to harness popular ‘classic meals’ and incoming global taste trends. Each flavour has gone through rigorous rounds of testing and our recipe developers have built high quality relationships with our suppliers; ensuring we receive the absolute best ingredients and produce.



Put the knife down…and the chopping board and pop those pans back in the cupboard! A lack of skill, or confidence in the kitchen shouldn’t hold your taste buds back. Nor should a lack of time.

Our adventurous pot flavours make the exotic attainable and are ready from the microwave in just 6 minutes.




Not only will you have more delicious flavours to chow down on, we’re expanding our product range! To ensure a full day of GSN keeps you on track, we’ll soon be bringing out more overnight oats, tumbled chicken, and protein bars.

On top of this, we’re improving the way you order. Making it even easier to stock up on your favourites with secure express checkout. Subscriptions are on the horizon too, offering exclusive discounts and more.

We’re hugely thankful to all of those we’ve managed to help over the last 10 years and look forward to continuing to do so. To those who stumble across us in the next 10, welcome to the gang. We can safely say from experience, you won’t look back.