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01 December 2022

GSN Roast Chicken Dinner


‘The quickest family friendly and most cost effective roast dinner ever!’

‘I received my GSN order & I couldn’t believe the quality of not only the produce, but the packaging. I found the chicken especially so easy to cook and unbelievably handy to meal prep your whole week. The whole range screams convenience and when you’re a full time working mum, wife and business owner that is what you need in your life. I created this dish one evening with only a handful of items in the house, wanting a quick and easy tea which hit every taste bud!’

– Victoria Roberts / @FOODATNO.3 


Ingredients –



Instructions –


  1. Par boil new potatoes until soft then let air dry and sprinkle with parsley and S&P.
  2. Add your GSN chicken breasts to a bed of aluminium foil, sprinkle with olive oil, S&P and thyme, then tuck it in the foil so you don’t lose any of those delicious chicken juices.
  3. Add the new potatoes, chicken and peeled and sliced carrots to a pre heated tray with olive oil and coat. Pop in the oven for 20 mins then drizzle the carrots with honey. 
  4. Add the pigs in blankets for a further 10 minutes and then a Yorkshire pudding for the last 5 minutes.
  5. Whilst you’re waiting, cook the broccoli to taste. I like to steam mine so it still has a little bite to it. 
  6. Heat up your gravy, I used leftover from the freezer but instant is fine as this dish is all about being quick and easy.
  7.  Assemble and enjoy the quickest family friendly and most cost effective roast dinner ever!


GSN Chicken works perfect for our family of 3, it means that making a meal for my family is quick, easy and cost effective. The dream Sunday meal for all the family, including my little one.