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12 January 2024

Guest Recipe: Hear us out…

This One Will Surprise You!

Jamie Christian took us under his wing (into his kitchen) to introduce us to his favourite pre/post-workout meal:

Cinnamon Chicken Bagels with Banana and Jam.

Sounds absurd right? We thought so too.

But then we started to consider Jamie’s almost 20-year professional relationship with nutrition, his career achievements and his convincing demeanour.

He’s a chap who is well-versed and well-educated in food.

We prepared bagels together, we ate bagels together and the bagels won us over.

Now it’s your turn, good or bad, we want to hear from you – make sure to let us know how you find it – don’t worry, the big man won’t come knocking if they’re not for you.

Watch the video HERE.



Here’s what you need and how you’ll do it:

Cook time 4mins

Prep time 3mins



• Bagels. The variety is up to you – Sesame is our go-to. Most of us will be good with a single portion. If you’re 6’5″ and 120kg, double up.

• GSN Steam Cooked Chicken Breasts, 1 per bagel.

• Bananas, 1 per bagel (depending on size, 1 banana between two may also work depending on length).

• Jam, the traditional jam is strawberry, but feel free to mix it up.

• Seasoning, Jamie suggests cinnamon, again, make this your own – we found chilli flakes a good option too.



• Slice and toast the bagels.

• Defrost your GSN Steam Cooked Chicken Breasts as per the packaging instructions, and slice them in half for “maximum spreadage”.

• Chop the ends from your banana(s), half it long ways, then depending on length half it again.

• Spread the jam on the bagel, around three teaspoons (15g) should cover it.

• Layer the sliced chicken, seasoning, and banana.

• Pop the top on, and consume.


Head to our Instagram (here) to watch Jamie walk us through this recipe, and comment your thoughts and reactions!

Jamie has some exciting things in the pipeline, follow him on Instagram here, and Youtube, here.

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