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19 June 2021

How can you shed fat, gain unstoppable confidence and create a healthier lifestyle that lasts?

We’ve teamed up with Sam & Rhys from The Health Guys, body, mind and transformation experts to provide a 6 week series to guide you on simple changes you can make for a better health and wellbeing. We follow The Health Guys closely and love their easy-to-follow, no bull**** approach to bettering your lifestyle through mastering your diet, exercise and mindset. 


How can you shed fat, gain unstoppable confidence and create a healthier lifestyle that lasts?

By using these 5 core pillars we outline below…

Hey, Sam & Rhys here – The Health Guys.

After having helped 100’s of busy men and women achieve life-changing transformations, we decided to partner up in 2018 to bring our individual, unique coaching styles together.

We are passionate about teaching people how to sustainably make changes to their lifestyle so they can get the results they have longed for and keep them for life.

What makes us different is rather than getting people to overhaul their entire life, we get them to take small, consistent steps so they can achieve balance and stop yo-yo dieting

So anyway…

Back to the 5 core pillars you have been waiting for.

If you implement these 5 core pillars, we believe you will be set up for all the success that you need to build and sustain the body and mind that you want.


All 5 pillars are essential but having a plan probably edges it’s way to the top of importance because put simply, without a plan you’re winging it which will show in your results (or lack of).

A plan is not just for exercise, it encompasses everything including mindset, nutrition and lifestyle. It will give you clarity for the areas you need to work on first therefore giving you a clear direction to move in. But the one thing the plan has to be is flexible. Let’s be honest, life happens and that’s when we tend to fall off the wagon.

If you have flexibility in your plan, it will allow for this and means you can simply pick back up where you left off.


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Training is essential!

And this is NOT about exercise – we mean up-skilling and this has to be a huge part of your journey.

A lot of diets and plans fail because they fail to educate. Think about Slimming World or Weight Watchers… Syns and points just aren’t real life!

Where you may lose weight initially, once you inevitably decide to leave the group and head out into the real world you pretty soon realise that eating out and socialising isn’t very easy to syn and point! In most cases, not long after, you gain the weight back and re-join the group that once got you such ‘great’ results. An awesome business model 😉 But not much cop for someone who wants results for life.

If you fully understand why you are doing what you are doing and the impact it is having on your body rather than just being told to do something, the likelihood that you’ll do stick to it and be able to maintain it with longevity is much much higher.


The support pretty much speaks for itself, we know that making changes can be daunting and at times the going will get tough but, by having a strong support network around you it gives you the extra kick that you need to see the journey through and achieve your results. 

Support can come from anywhere! The more than you can get, the better, this can come from your partner, family members, friends, or by hiring a couple of awesome coaches 😉  but always do your research.

…This leads us on nicely to accountability.


Being accountable to someone other than yourself can literally enhance your results ten-fold. When you’ve only got yourself to answer to it becomes very easy to just have that extra takeaway, or skip that session. Let’s face it, you are the easiest person to lie to.

Having someone regularly check in on you and hold you to a higher standard than you’ve ever held yourself ensures that you follow through on what you’ve said you’ll do and are constantly moving towards your goals set out in the plan.

Similar to support, accountability can come from anywhere but we recommend it comes from someone that really cares about you and won’t just tell you what you want to hear. It needs to be somebody who understands your vision and why it’s so important to you that you make these changes to your life.


While being part of a community isn’t essential for everyone (dependent on who you are as a person) after 10 years of combined work in the health and fitness industry, we know that moving forwards with a tribe of like-minded people can make all the difference. 

Whether you need a pick-me-up and a big push forwards, a place to share your wins (and lessons), or you simply just want to learn from other people who have been in your situation, a GOOD community provides it.

  • You need to have every aspect of these 5 core pillars to achieve the results you want.
  • If any part of these 5 pillars is missing, the likelihood of you succeeding becomes less and less.
  • Don’t underestimate the value in each of these, even if you can’t see it now.

If you want to know more about us and how you can transform your body and mind, you can find us…

Look out for next week’s blog which will give a tonne more value.