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10 August 2022

How To Use Your GSN Life Report

Have you signed up for GSN Life yet? Our nutritional calculator is absolutely free, and bespoke to your goals, get yours below.


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Not sure what to do next?

Read on to learn how to use your GSN Life report.


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Not sure what to do next? Here’s how to use your GSN Life report:

You’ve taken the first step and have all the information at your fingertips, but we thought it’d be nice to give a few KEY TIPS to make the most of your GSN Life report and hit your goals…

Track what You Eat.

Download an app where you can track your food throughout the day; we’d highly recommend MyFitnessPal, and although the calories need tweaking to match our specialist’s results for yourself, it’s a great app where all your foods can be found and tracked.

30-Day Challenge.

Follow your numbers and stay on track for 30 days, then it’s time to re-do your consultation! As your body changes with the results, it’s essential to update your figures and your results will change.

The more serious athletes will do this every 2 weeks, however, if you’re just starting we’d recommend 30 days of consistency before reviewing again.

Remember Your Numbers.

It sounds obvious, but remember your numbers! These have been specifically tailored to you, so keep them close. As with everything we do, we’re here to make things easy, so one more time we’ve provided your results below. From everyone here at GSN, good luck!

Tag #GSNLife so everyone can see your success.