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15 May 2023

NEW FLAVOUR | Meet the Mean Mexican Beef Chilli


We’re spicing up our healthy, tasty, easy range of meals with the sizzling new ‘Mean Mexican Beef Chilli Pot O Gold’. 


Our fresh new Mexican flavour 


New for May 2023, the Mean Mexican Beef Chilli Pot O Gold is bringing a fiesta of flavour to GSN’s Pot O Gold range. 

We’re always hard at work behind the scenes, creating new recipes to keep your healthy diet tastebud-tinglingly fresh. This super-tasty, low-calorie, low-salt Mexican beef chilli is the latest Pot O Gold out of the GSN kitchen – and we reckon it’s one of our greatest! 

Order a pot today to add a new globe-trotting flavour to your freezer.

What’s in the pot? 


The Mean Mexican Beef Chilli brings an authentic chilli con carne experience to the Pot O Gold range of healthy, tasty, easy meals. 

We’ve optimised the nutrition and amped up the flavours of this classic dish to give you a guilt-free version of one of the world’s greatest flavours.

You can store the pot in your freezer and microwave the meal from frozen in 6 minutes, or defrost it and cook on the hob (or enjoy cold). So, there’s time for both a flavour fiesta and a siesta during your lunch hour! 

The chilli sauce is a traditional blend of high-quality ingredients, including lean, high-quality beef mince – a welcome alternative source of healthy protein. 

Vibrant veg including chopped red peppers and green beans add healthy vitamins and a juicy burst of taste to every forkful. 

Kidney beans bring heartiness, rich colour and an additional protein boost. 

And the whole dish is enveloped in a deliciously seasoned chilli sauce, made with chopped chilli peppers, tomato puree and a classic blend of herbs and spices.

The chilli is served with a nutritious side of long-grain rice


Spice up your life, Mexican style!


Mexican cuisine is incredibly varied – but three things it brings again and again are bold flavours, delicious seasonings and hearty recipes. These were our inspirations when we created the recipe for this Pot O Gold. 

For an authentic Mexican flavour, we’ve seasoned our sauce with garlic, ground coriander, tomato puree, parsley, cumin and paprika. Our mouths are watering just thinking about it! 

There’s a generous pinch of chilli powder in there too. We called this a Mean Mexican Beef Chilli for a reason! 

Choosing the perfect vegetables to accompany the meal was crucial. The combination of green beans, red peppers, onions and red chillies hits the ideal balance of authenticity and healthy nutrition. 

And bringing the soul-satisfying, hunger-beating heartiness, we’ve included a nourishing serving of delicious kidney beans, plus a side of long-grain rice. 


No compromise on nutrition


The Mean Mexican Beef Chilli gives you a massive boost of protein in a tasty, convenient package, with a mighty 29g of protein per serving. 

A lot of that protein comes from the classic combo of high-quality beef mince and kidney beans. But on top of that, we’ve added another protein source to the mix by bulking up the chilli sauce with healthy soya protein.

There are plenty of nutrient-dense ingredients in the dish, including green beans (high in fibre and vitamins A, C and K), red peppers (vitamins C and A), and the beef mince (zinc and vitamins B3 and B12). These nutrients all make an important contribution to your all-round health. 

Beef chilli dishes are often pretty heavy on the salt, but we’ve managed to keep the Mean Mexican Beef Chilli recipe brilliantly low in sodium, with just 1.29g per pot. With a carefully balanced blend of herbs and spices, this dish has big flavour, without the usual salt overload. 

Another common nutritional problem with chilli beef is that there can be a high level of saturated fat from the beef mince. But our Mean Mexican Beef Chilli is different, with lean mince and a nutritionally optimised recipe.

The entire meal comes in at just 357 kcal – making it the perfect way to take on lots of healthy nutrients without consuming too many calories. 


How to buy the Mean Mexican Beef Chilli


Are you tempted to taste our new Mexican flavour sensation? There are three ways to buy the Mean Mexican Beef Chilli Pot O Gold:

Order individually as part of a GSN frozen food order.

Order as part of a Bundle with other POGs or GSN products.

Choose as part of your GSN subscription. 

New Pot O Gold flavours usually fly off the shelves, so order fast to make sure you can be one of the first to sample the Mean Mexican Beef Chilli before the first batch sells out!