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11 September 2015

Nutritionally Balanced – Protein Pancakes

Breakfast really is one of the MOST important meals of the day!
As you body awakens from a 7-9 hours fast, ensuring you get the correct nutrition is vital and can dictate your energy, cravings, mood, general metabolism and concentration for the rest of the day.
Your “metabolism” is the name given to summarise all the chemical processes presently happening in your body, for example ATP re-synthesis to produce the energy your body needs to stir a cup of coffee or the production of various enzymes produced from glands on sight, smell ingestion and digestion.
A “fast metabolism” is a way of suggesting these chemical reactions are happening quickly. Exercise and training increase the speed of ATP re-synthesis allowing trained bodies and athletes to produce and reproduce energy faster. Lack of exercise, poor sleep patterns and unbalanced diets are a few ways your actions can have a negative impact on metabolism, for example high fat diets decrease the speed of the chemical reactions needed in immune defence.
The Important bit – PANCAKES
These pancakes provide a mix of High and Low GI Carbohydrates to start the day, giving your body the quicker rise in blood glucose levels (from High GI carbs) to provide energy and stimulate the uptake of amino acids from PROTEIN and the more prolonged rise in blood glucose to help you maintain energy levels and concentration through the morning.
Whey Protein (as in all protein) is made up from amino acids, these are the building blocks used by your body to serve many purposes from ligament and tendon repair to assisting in dilation and constriction of your veins to affect blood flow.
Peanut Butter (Optional) is a high calorie and nutrient rich food source. If your trying to lose weight high calorie may seem counter-intuitive but the calories in peanut butter are used to prolong digestion, help you feel fuller for longer and provide a good dose of antioxidants. The fats in peanut butter are also hugely beneficial in maintaining heart health and healthy insulin production.
Makes 2-3 pancakes
– Oats (40-60g)
– Banana (60g-120g)
– Whey Protein (20-30g)
– Peanut Butter (optional, 5-15g)
– Water (150-250ml)
– 1 Egg White
– 1/2 Teaspoon Bicarbonate of Soda

  • Blend ingredients

This should provide you with a thick, pancake batter-like consistency. If your pancakes are a little bit runny you can add in some additional oats to thicken up the mixture.

  • Add to a hot pan and fry on each side.

If you’re really daring you’ll give this a flip. Aim for a light, golden brown colouring. (Add to the flavour and nutritional benefits by using Coconut or Rice Bran Oil)

  • Serve with your favourite “healthy” topping.

We love adding a blob of Greek Yoghurt and small handful or Blueberries!