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24 September 2015

The Top 3 Ways Water Helps With Weight Loss

Here are our top 3 reasons/methods in which water helps you lose weight/fat.
1. Water is filling. A number of recent studies are suggesting that drinking water before a meal can lead to lower calorie consumption, great if you know you are one to over-consume and easily lose track of your portion size. A study in 2010 showed that consuming 500ml of water immediately before a meal lead to 75-90 calories fewer consumed during the meal.
Try this at Lunch & Dinner this week and you could cut up to 1260 calories from your diet!
2. Water Removes Waste Products. Immediately most people think, I knew that – Urine.
Did you know water also removes waste product through your breath? Oxidised (broken down) fat cells and bacteria bacteria like the common cold are all carried out via water vapour through your breath.
3. Thermic Effect. Your body operates at 37.5°C, only 2.5°C lower and you’re looking at severe shivering and hypothermia. 
When you consume water below 37.5°C your body needs to brings this up to the correct temperature so it doesn’t have a negative affect on your core body temperature. To do this requires energy, similar to the way a kettle will require energy to bring water inside up to a boil.
A study to prove this has document that consuming 500ml of water at 3°C increased energy expenditure by 4.5% over 60 minutes and burnt 24 calories in the process.
Here’s our link to our favourite Infographic on hydration and the human body.