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20 September 2022

GSN Stockist Case Study: Apex Gym

The GSN Wholesale team look after hundreds of gyms, sports centres and recreational sites across the United Kingdom, proudly supplying their visitors with healthy and convenient meals.

For this case study, we spoke to Andy, owner of Apex Gym in Stoke On Trent for insight on how he and his team have found working together with us…

Our Experience with GSN


“We are Apex Gym in Stoke on Trent, and we’ve partnered to sell GSN Products for around 1 year now, and we haven’t looked back. Dan helped us to source a Freezer and we ordered our first shipment, now we have one full freezer load every 4-6 weeks. I personally use some of these meals and they taste amazing and are nutrient dense! Our clients love them for their ease of use and affordability. We’re soon to receive some extra marketing material which will be put to good use around the gym to raise awareness of the products even more to our members. Thank you GSN.”Andy: Owner of Apex Gym


“We started to expand our reception area of the gym, offering a small shop where customers could buy cold drinks, protein and snacks etc. We got in touch with GSN and were able to fit a GSN branded freezer in a high traffic area of the gym, where customers could walk past and see the products.”


“All it takes is for one of us to warm up a GSN Pot O’ Gold, and everyone suddenly becomes hungry! The smell travels around the reception area, with people being unable to resist asking what it is we’re eating. The convenience of picking a high protein meal up on your way out of the gym after a heavy lifting session is perfect for our members.”


“Members have given feedback that the meals have helped them to stay on track with healthier eating, especially when you have no time to cook something healthy after an exhausting PT session. The convenience of fast food is a huge downfall for a lot of our members, so this was a huge bonus for them.”


“Our revenue has dramatically increased since offering the GSN products and our freezers don’t stay full for long! The delivery and restock is no problem either, it really has been an easy onboarding process with a bright future ahead of us as we look to expand our shop area.”


If you’re in the Stoke On Trent area, get yourself to Apex, and tell them GSN sent you!