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27 July 2021

Why you will fail when dieting…

Okay, so you know the drill.


You want to shed some fat so you look for a diet to start. Maybe some of your friends have done one and they recommend it to you or perhaps it’s one you’ve achieved results with before. You start it with 100% motivation and determination. You get some great results initially…

But then, something happens.

You fall off the wagon a bit and maybe cave in for that takeaway, bag(s) of chocolate or “sharing” packet of crisps. You feel that what you’ve done so far has been useless so eventually you give up and go back to where you started with the idea that it’s too hard.

Sound like you?

After both struggling with this same problem for many years and having worked with 100’s of men and women who have as well, we understand how frustrating it is to constantly feel like you’re either dieting hard or gaining weight and having no happy medium.


Let’s back it up a little.

The word “diet” is misused all the time. When we think about dieting or talk to someone else about being on a diet it usually insinuates pain of some sort… The first things that usually spring to mind are, restriction, misery, saying no to social events, and being singled out due to feeling like there are things you can/can’t have. Because we frame diet in this way before we’ve even started we’re already into a negative mindset because of perception.

First of all, to shed fat and build confidence there really are no foods off-limits… That’s right, you can consume whatever you like. It’s about longevity, right? And anything you are doing right now that you can’t imagine yourself doing forever is going to be unsustainable and you’ll end up building resentment. With that said, you can eat/drink anything that you want but you must understand that doesn’t mean you can eat everything.


How To Lose Weight On Buckwheat Diet - WorkOutPlan



Inside The Health Guys HQ, one of the key principles we coach is the 80/20 method. This is where 80% of your diet comes from fresh, whole, highly nutritious food and 20% comes from junk food, alcohol or simply the foods that make you tick. Once you make it a lifestyle and open up that door where no food is “bad”, it builds up your relationship with food while creating a sustainable lifestyle that you can continue long after you’ve got results.

If you want to learn more, we’ve created a training plan especially for the followers of GSN that shows you exactly how you can eat and drink the things that you love whilst still shedding fat, building unstoppable confidence, and maintaining high levels of energy.

All you have to do to receive this for free is click the link below and send us a message saying ‘FREE TRAINING’