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Got a question? We have the answer! Take a look at some of our FAQ’s…

How do my products arrive?

We store, send and recommend that you keep your products frozen. We do this to cut down on food waste and preserve the content naturally occurring vitamins and minerals.

How do I store my products?

We recommend you store most of your products in the freezer.

Pots O Gold, if you are planning to consume your protein meal on the same day, you could take this out of the freezer and allow it to defrost naturally before heating later that day or storing in the fridge for up to 3 days with a reduced cooking time.

How do I cook my Pots O Gold?

We are all about quick and easy meals! That’s why you can cook our Pots O Gold straight from frozen in the microwave. Cook for 5 minutes (Breakfast pot, 7 minutes), stir and cook for a further 1 minute and ensure piping hot. Then you’re good to go! Each pack contains cooking instructions with information on how long you need to heat. Don’t have a microwave? You could also defrost the pot and then fry in a pan to heat through.

Can I store Pots O Gold in the fridge?

Absolutely, our Pots will keep fresh in the fridge for up to 3 days. Reduce cooking time and heat thoroughly in a microwave or pan if you’re heating up.

Can I eat Pots O Gold without heating?

All of the ingredients in our Pots are pre-cooked. So if you don’t have a microwave and you’re looking for an easy high protein meal you can simply defrost and eat chilled.

Can I eat more than one Pot O Gold per day?

Our brand is built upon honesty and integrity with nutritional profession at its heart. So whilst we would love you to eat 10 of our delicious protein pots meals each and every day (ourselves included), we advise you include your pots as part of a healthy diet (which may allow for more than one per day). We design the macro-nutrients in each protein ready meal to fit neatly and easily into any weight loss or muscle gain meal plan/diet.

Do you do discount?

If you’re lucky you may catch us doing the odd promo however we aim to offer the absolute best pricing on our meals year round! Healthy eating should be affordable for everyone, we aim to keep it that way! That’s why all of our trade accounts have access to the same great prices and tiered discounted pricing structure. The more you buy the better the discount.

What is the minimum trade order?

Our minimum trade order is £250 + £10 delivery fee or £300+ for free delivery.

Is your food halal?
We can advise that the chicken in our 2.5kg steamed chicken bags is from a certified halal supplier. However, unfortunately we cannot advise that our pots are halal as they are assembled in a non-halal factory. Please note, some of the meals do contain pork however those that do not contain pork (and only chicken), are from a halal certified supplier but still assembled in a non-halal factory.

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