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14 September 2022

3 Top Tips to Stay Healthy At Uni

Featuring a dedicated student discount below…


With budget constraints, lack of time and deadlines to hit, it can be all too easy for students to neglect their health whilst at university. However, it is as important as ever to eat a variety of vitamin rich foods to keep your immune system strong, especially to avoid the dreaded freshers flu!


Kickstarting a healthy routine as soon as you get to university will set you up for a successful and healthy 3 years and GSN is here to help (click here to learn how to start a successful routine).

Freshers is fast approaching and you may be wondering how you can possibly stay on track. we’ve put together these tips (and discount) to help you keep on top of your nutrition…





UK takeaways are full of excessive amounts of salt, fat, sugar, and all sorts of highly processed ingredients. In recent studies, eating takeaways regularly has been found to be a lead cause of developing health issues, throughout every system in the body. For example, the chemicals in fast food interrupts the central nervous system, which can lead to mental health issues such as depression (Healthline).


Instead, choose from our range of fakeaway meals & enjoy within minutes! Low in salt, high in protein, and no guilt the next day…






Avoid being caught short & have a good meal ready for when you’re feeling not so fresh… There’s nothing worse than waking up with an empty fridge and cupboards, so plan ahead!


As tempting as it is, eating greasy food on a hangover may make your hangover feel even worse as it can disturb your digestive system, and won’t replenish any of your vitamin stores. So, opt for a healthier version (we recommend our fakeaway pots, bursting with flavour and vitamins).






Let’s be honest, eating healthily can be expensive. You may think that buying non-essentials here and there won’t cost very much, but it all adds up faster than you’d think. But it doesn’t have to if you plan ahead and batch cook your meals ahead of time – saving time and money. We also recommend to set yourself a maximum spend for your student weekly shopping list.


This is where our ready-cooked chicken breasts come in handy, defrost and throw into any recipe for the perfect source of protein, at just 96p per breast.  



Don’t just live off of pot noodles and chicken & rice – balanced meals can be easy, tasty and fun to make! 
Take our Hoisin Pulled Chicken Taco recipe as an example, bursting with flavour and made in minutes  – who could resist…you might even be able to tempt your new flatmates out of their rooms with this one.