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13 July 2022


A nutritionally balanced day plan just for you

A healthy, balanced diet is imperative to provide your body with the nutrients it needs to maintain a healthy body and mind. 


Some of the benefits of maintaining a balanced diet include:

  • Increased energy & concentration
  • The ability to fight off infection
  • To aid muscle recovery and repair
  • Prevent illness such as diabetes
  • Reduce high blood sugar and cholesterol
  • To maintain a healthy digestive system & gut health
  • To strengthen bones, hair, eyes
  • Boosts immunity


Here at GSN, we want to help you be the best you can be, both mentally and physically. Therefore we’ve put together an example of the perfectly balanced GSN day below.




Start your day the right way by fuelling up on our Blueberry Blast Overnight Oats. These oats will provide a slow, sustainable energy release to get your morning started. High in protein & filled with gut goodness they will supply your body with essential nutrients to set you up for your best day.



Protein Carbohydrates Fat
338 26.2





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Adding a source of protein into your late morning routine such as our GSN Chicken Breasts will promote muscle growth throughout the day, leaving you energised. Check out our youtube here to see how we make this delicious & nutritious salad.




Protein Carbohydrates Fat
222 38




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Our high protein Caribbean Jerk Chicken Pot will give you reggae soul goodness at just 364 calories! Providing you with the perfect balance of carbs and protein, this lunch will recuperate your energy levels and power you into the afternoon…




Protein Carbohydrates Fat
364 32.2





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The ultimate convenient & healthy snack – formulated and designed for snatching quick bursts of energy and protein packed pick-me-ups when on the go! Grab this afternoon snack for an extra 16g protein and only 241 calories!




Protein Carbohydrates Fat
241 16




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To finish off the day, grab a BBQ Meat Feast Pizza. This 550 low calorie pizza is low in sugar and loaded with a stack of your favourite good-for-you mighty meaty toppings. The perfect fakeaway to top off the perfect GSN day.




Protein Carbohydrates Fat
550 61.5




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Calories Protein Carbohydrates Fat
Overnight Oats 338 26.2 37 8.6
Caesar Salad 222 38 7 5
Caribbean Pot 364 32.2 45.5 6.3
Rocky Road Bar 241 16 23 11
Pizza 550 61.5 38.4 15.8
Total 1715 173.9 150.9 46.7
Chicken Bites 98 20.7 2.7 0.5
(Total with extra snack) 1,813 194.6 153.6 47.2