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17 June 2016

Find the right meal plan for you…

We caught up with Kellie Duncan after completing her second GSN 30 Day Challenge last year. After first trying out our 30 Day Challenge in June 2015 and continued right onto her second getting awesome results along the way! Here’s what Kellie has to say… 

“I have had many meal plans from ‘PT’s’ previously and none of them seemed to be right for me. After seeing you guys at the BodyPower Expo back in May I decided to give the 30 day challenge a try as it seemed to be more tailored to the individual. The GSN challenge helped me get back on track with both eating and training, the meal plan was easy to stick to and by taking weekly pictures and weigh in’s I could see the changes it was doing for me.
My favourite part of the GSN 30 day challenge was day 30! Being able to look back at pictures of day 1 and day 30 and seeing the difference was awesome! The GSN 30 Day Challenge helped me find my way with eating and training again. After being injured and having to take a few months off from training, my diet was terrible and I was struggling to get myself back on track. By doing the challenge I had made a commitment and set a goal for myself that I was determined to achieve!
I would definitely recommend the challenge to people (and I have been). It’s great for helping people achieve their goals and the tailored individual plans are excellent, instead of the generic plans that other ‘PT’s’ hand out! Having weekly check in’s and having the Facebook page where people offer their advice from experience and encourage you is great.
I felt awesome when I was on the challenge especially when people start to notice the changes you are making!

Personal achievements

I lost just over a stone whilst doing the challenge!
Before I stopped training due to my injury I was failing to deadlift 80kg and I was only deadlifting 75kg at a push! After doing the challenge and getting back into training I’m now deadlifting well over 100kg! I’ve managed to put 30kg onto my deadlift in under a year!” (30kg increase after injury & recovery).