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08 July 2016

Made in Chelsea’s James Dunmore talks diet with Gold Standard Nutrition

We recently caught up with James Dunmore from Made in Chelsea to see how our foods at Gold Standard Nutrition have helped in maintaining a nutritious, healthy diet while conveniently fitting into his busy lifestyle.
After taking part in his first 30 Day Challenge back in November 2015, James has continued to use and enjoy the products, here’s what he had to say…
Hi James, how did you find your 30 Day Challenge?
I found the 30 day challenge surprisingly enjoyable. I think knowing that it’s just 30 days made me really focus on the task. Achieving results in such a short term can be difficult so I gave it my all.
What did you think of the amount of food received?
I’ve never actually tried to shred up on a limited diet so was unsure as to what the quantities were going to be like. I was surprisingly fulfilled from what I received and it seemed pretty spot on for the amount of activity I was completing.
What was your favourite meal/product?
My favourite meal is the chilli black bean pot o gold. It’s an amazing product and makes eating clean so easy when you’ve got a busy life style like I do. In a close second is the shakes with protein, oats, banana and peanut butter.
Who do you think could benefit from the 30 Day Challenge?
I guess anyone can benefit from the challenge as long as they’re dedicated to the cause. There are many male gym goers that could get there diet more on point and focus on shredding opposed to eating as much as possible and getting as big as possible.
Did you take before/after pictures? Or what changes did you notice in body composition?
I didn’t take before and afters, I did lose 2kg though and it was the most ripped I looked in a long time. I had a photo-shoot afterwards and was pretty happy with the results. Since continuing with the GSN products I have maintained looking ripped and also managed to put on some size.
Did you notice any effects to energy and recovery?
I felt good all round, is hard to say if I noticed differences but I was certainly full of energy and eager to get in the gym each day.
Will you continue with any of the meals or foods that you were introduced to through the 30 Day Challenge?
I have continued with many of the meals and plan to into the future. As someone who doesn’t really enjoy cooking, it makes eating clean quick and easy and takes all thought process out of it, exactly what I need.
Would you do the 30 Day Challenge again?
I would do the challenge again, after a lengthy bulking period I would consider doing the challenge to tighten it all up and get back in shape.