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15 August 2022

Living Holistically With GSN Life

Nutrition. Fitness. Wellbeing.



GSN Life has been founded on the full-circle principles of Nutrition, Wellbeing and Fitness, focusing to improve the entire person. This is also known as ‘Holistic fitness’, the focus is spread across the areas you can’t see: your mind, body and soul. By targeting physical, mental, intellectual and emotional health, we aim to create a healthier lifestyle to lower stress levels, improve your sleep and improve your self-perception of aesthetics.



Further benefits of Holistic Fitness: 


  • Reduced stress and anxiety levels;
  • A focused mind;
  • A balanced, healthy lifestyle;
  • Better Productivity & Self-motivation;
  • Improved habits and lifestyle changes;
  • An improvement of the natural healing abilities of the body;
  • Better fitness results.





Examples of How to start living Holistically: 


Eat clean food – what you consume fuels not only your body, but also your mind. To create this into a sustainable habit, start bit-by-bit by swapping out a lunchtime takeaway for something that will power you into the afternoon ( we recommend a GSN Pot…)

Change up your workouts with something that will train your mind. We recommend Yoga or Pilates, these exercises focus on Mindfulness and stretching the bodies rather than pushing their limits, this in turn relaxes the body and mind. What matters is that you’re doing exercise that makes you feel good.


Create healthy habits that incorporate relaxation, fitness and time for healthy eating everyday. See our blog here for more info on building healthy habits. 


Invest in your wellbeing by conducting self-care activities. Make some time everyday to check in with yourself, carry out skincare routines, spend some time in the sun, do things you love.


Try it & let us know how it goes on our socials – @goldstandardnutrition