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13 January 2023

Meet the GSN Team: Neal…


Meet Neal… a proud member of Team GSN. In the last 2 years hes managed to complete 2 marathons, Ironmans Triathlons, lead the E-commerce sector of GSN, and even found the time to become an author later this year… It’s safe to say Neal has a lot of plates spinning…

So I’ve been a part of GSN full time for over 2 years! And to say it feels like it has gone by in the blink of an eye is an understatement. Internally I lead the E-Commerce arm of the business, with the scope crossing from marketing the brand, to ensuring we’re attracting enough new customers to try our products. 


A goal of mine over the past few years has been to be physically capable to be put into any sporting situation, and thrive. With a realistic head on and two glass knees, I think Rugby would be off the cards, but combining weights training alongside training for the Ironman has got me the closest to my goals of becoming a hybrid athlete. Hybrid seems to be the trendy word for it nowadays, but it’s a pretty good summary. Not only challenging the physical aspects you come across in weight training, but also pushing the cardiovascular training has enabled the more all rounder approach to being “fit”.


The only downside to training (up to 3 times per day) is time. It’s important to get complex nutrition that is EASY… that’s where the GSN team comes in! It’s safe to say i’m luckily surrounded by passionate experts who have taken the thinking away for me, making a healthy lifestyle just that much easier.




So Neal – what’s your favourite GSN product?


I’m going to have to join the masses and say the early lunch will always and forever be Katsu. I actually throw a side of Chicken Bites in the microwave too, and usually have another pot mid afternoon. 


Having had the pots for years, it was actually the Overnight Oats that stand out as the biggest helper. Mainly because i used to have to make breakfast the night before, but now i just take it out the freezer and put it in the fridge! Super easy. 


Last but not least… Cooking chicken from raw ever since a bad experience back at University left my chef skills lacking! I have however been making an effort to follow the GSN recipes and use the pre cooked chicken so i don’t make the same mistake again


I’m not sure about others, but my brain is usually adrift with the challenges of the day. So when it comes to eating I’m looking at the 6 meals of the day and have little brain space to start planning it all out. I use MyFitnessPal to track my macros and with over 4,000 needed, the full range of products support me throughout the day. Morning, noon, night, and everywhere in between! Sadly it’s becoming an office joke that I’m only ever an hour away from my next GSN meal… The challenge is getting enough calories in whilst keeping the spark of eating alive! During the off season my calories will hover around 3,550. When in a training camp for the 3 months leading to a race it can be touching 5,000!



Has the GSN Macro Calculator helped you to achieve your goals?


Absolutely! Working next to the team who built it, i can safely say it’s the most comprehensive platform i’ve come across. In 5 simple steps you’re getting decades worth of experience analysing your data, and giving you results in a matter of seconds. 


It’s hard for me not to be bias on this one to be honest. Mainly because of the work i’ve seen go in to it and the amount of precise time spent on getting it perfect. I actually sued it in my 3 months build up to the London Marathon. The training combined with updated macros along the way i felt not only was i training harder, but optimum the whole way through the camp. Obviously there were a lot of factors at play, but the macro calculator was like having a personal nutrition team along the way!


Feeling inspired? Head over to our Macro Calculator to start your healthy eating journey –