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03 October 2022

National Curry Week: Our Favourite Sides!


Whether you’re bulking out your Takeaway Style Chicken Balti or creating a curry from scratch using our Steam Cooked Chicken Breasts (more on the latter later in the week) the following is essential reading!

We’ve polled the team and spent a worrying amount time of discussing side dishes, we eventually settled on the following shortlist, which we feel ticks all the boxes…

Here are our favourite sides (in no particular order (as that would have taken even longer)).

Naan Bread:

224 calories per serving.

‘The Indian Naan was developed around 2,500 years ago, Naan originated by virtue of an experiment, after the arrival of yeast in India from Egypt (where the yeast was being used to brew beer and make leavened breads since 187 BC).’ – The Indian Express.

Who are we to argue with 2500 years of bread evolution? This BBC Good Food recipe is quick and easy. We’d imagine even the most diligent of ‘Microwave Technicians’ amongst you could rustle these up!


Saag Aloo:

246 calories per serving.

Spinach (can’t argue with Popeye 💪) & Potatoes (never a letdown 🥔). Simple. Wonderful. Great for you.

What more could you ask for combined in one bowl?

Again this is super easy, will not take you long, and is right up there with the finest autumn comfort foods.



164 calories per serving.

We feel the BBC got a bit carried away when celebrating Samosas… “It is a historic artefact – as well as delectable evidence that there is nothing new about the process of globalisation.”

BUT: They are great, they’re flexible, and they’re ideal for moppies, or for lunch the following day when you inevitably make too many, give these a go and thank us later.



9 calories per serving.

Ever make your curry too spicy? This is what you need to cool yourself down and dunk absolutely anything else from this list into.

Raita varies regionally throughout India but this recipe is a good benchmark, have a crack at this then have a play and add your own twist – ginger, chilli, and garlic are all good ways to amend it. If you can chop and stir, but nothing more – this is the recipe for you…


What’s your favourite? What have we missed from the list? And even more crucially, which (if any) could you see as part of the GSN range in the future?

Our social channels are there for such discussions, and for us to procrastinate with during office hours so come and talk to us!

 Read more about our Takeaway Style Chicken Balti meal, or buy it below…


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