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13 June 2022

National Healthy Eating Week


Each year the British Nutritional Foundation runs its National Healthy Eating campaign.

This week-long event aims to educate and inform audiences across all platforms about what your body needs to thrive and operate in a healthy way.

Nutrition can be confusing and difficult and a healthy diet isn’t always easy, with National Healthy Eating Week the BNF break down the various ways in which you can improve your health and promote food happiness, this year their focus is on eating well for yourself, AND the planet – an ideology which is close to our hearts at GSN.

Each day this week the BNF will be sharing information around a fixed theme:

  • Monday: Focus on fibre – for meals and snacks
  • Tuesday: Get at least 5 A DAY – put plenty on your plate
  • Wednesday: Vary your protein – be more creative
  • Thursday: Stay hydrated – fill up from the tap
  • Friday: Reduce food waste – know your portions

We’re passionate about eating well, it’s central to our product range, with each item we offer designed from the ground up by expert nutritionists and passionate foodies. The GSN food offering ties perfectly to the National Healthy Eating Week ethos…




An adult’s recommended daily intake of Fibre is 30g, the NHS suggests the average adult in the UK currently consumes 18g.

An easy way to get a head start on this is with our Overnight Oats, one of these for breakfast will deliver a whopping 4.3g, and topping this off with a half a dozen raspberries or a sliced banana will add an extra 3-4g of fibre, whilst also making your family or colleagues jealous!

Another great way you can top up your fibre is by leaving the skin on potatoes and sweet potatoes, giving them a good scrub and don’t peel – Pair them with our Steam Cooked Chicken Breasts as part of a healthy dinner.

For the full fibre-factsheet, see the NHS website, here.

And, for further details on high in fibre fruits, click here.




The 5 A Day campaign is based on advice from the World Health Organization (WHO), which recommends eating a minimum of 400g of fruit and vegetables a day to lower the risk of serious health problems, such as heart diseasestroke and some types of cancer.

From blueberries in our Overnight Oats to green beans in our Satay Chicken ready meal, the GSN range gives you flavoursome options to help you reach that 5-a-day target.

For more information on what counts towards your daily quota, click here.

And, for information on portion sizes, click here.




Vary your protein intake!

Your body needs a whole range of vitamins and minerals to be at its best, these are spread across all the food groups – so a balanced diet is key.

From chicken to beef, carrots to peas – flavours from around the globe. We’ve got all boxes ticked with our health focussed ready meals!

Our meals are produced to be naturally high in protein whilst keeping calories low. Our Satay Chicken meal delivers 40.3g of protein, with only  464 calories, and importantly it only contains 1.7g of sugar.

For reference, most adults need around 0.75g of protein per kilo of body weight per day (for the average woman, this is 45g or 55g for men).

You can read more about recommended protein intake, and its benefits here.




Possibly the easiest, but most overlooked element of a healthy diet is water.

We need it, we’re pretty much made of it, and the majority of us will have easy access to it.

Drink it! Drink 6-8 glasses a day!

Our super-tough and good-looking (if we do say so ourselves) water bottle will help you achieve the necessary hydration, fill it up, take it with you, and avoid single-use plastic bottles.

To read more information on hydration, and things to avoid, visit the NHS website, here.




Food waste is probably bigger than you think…


– The UK wastes almost 10 million tonnes of food every year.

5.8 million whole potatoes are wasted annually in the UK.

65% of UK adults admit to buying too much food that ends up being thrown away.*


Our healthy ready meals are an excellent way to help reduce your food waste, pre-portioned, nutritionally balanced and ready in just 6 mins directly from the freezer where they’ll happily keep for up to 12 months.


*Numbers from The Felix Project


The British Nutritional Foundation have some great tips for reducing your food waste, which you can find here.

As always, we’d love to hear your tips and tricks for maintaining a healthy food intake, and how you incorporate GSN into your daily eating, join the conversation over on our socials.