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17 October 2022

Weight Loss Transformations with GSN



‘GSN is the best, it has changed my life’

Chris Taylor’s Experience with GSN –


‘I have always been overweight as I have always enjoyed my food. Being a dad and working full-time means that there is less time every day to manage my life.


In February, I vowed to change and I struggled at first with meal prep and the time it takes. You are also then locked into eating very minimum options, as you can’t prepare 10 different meals with ease.

However, these pots allowed me to still have a massive selection of what I could. Knowing my food was already macro counted and high in protein, it took away a very hard part of trying to manage my meals. I can have a large selection without the downtime required to prep meals, it’s always at hand ready to cook and the flavours are second to none.

In total I have lost 95lb, but that includes building muscle in the last couple months & upping my calories – some days I eat 3 pots per day! The choice and the taste is incredible, GSN is the best, it has changed my life.’



Chris’ favourite pots are the Chilli Black Bean & the Chicken Katsu Curry which can be found here



Andrew Paterson’s Experience with GSN –


‘In September 2014 I had an umbilical hernia repair, which slowed my training. Having also had gall bladder disease for two years, I finally opted for open surgery in October 2015, which again put me out of action as well as effecting my digestion, particularly my ability to digest fat. When combined with terrible eating habits it lead to piling on fat . I also had hormonal issues after my surgeries, but I’m not a victim and carried on training throughout, as I have on and off since I was 14.
I decided enough was enough and it was time to stop making excuses. After sitting down and working it out realised GSN was actually very reasonably priced, so decided to have a go.

I was impressed with the ease of ordering and support provided by Gold Standard Nutrition, I stuck to the plan religiously and after a month (of what never even felt like a diet) I’d lost over a stone in weight! I’d started to fit in my clothes better, feel healthier and feel lighter too…’