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30 June 2016

What do rugby players eat?

Professional rugby players are high performing athletes and therefore, their diet needs to reflect this.

Gold Standard Nutrition have been fuelling Leeds Rhinos for the past 12 months and the main obstacle their in-house nutritionist wanted us to overcome was the fact the players rarely had time to prep meals in-between training, travelling and general life.
We decided to tackle this problem by inviting their players to take the GSN 30 Day Challenge – a 30 day food package and tailored meal plan designed to take the stress and time out of your meals by providing you a full months allowance of food and a bespoke meal plan with timings meaning they were left with more time to train and live their life. Minimal time prepping and cooking meant they were much more likely to stick to the plan over the 30 days and many of them saw  great improvements in body composition and strength after completing the challenge.

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30 day challenge rugby

We spoke to Rhinos winger Ash Handley to find out what he thought of the challenge:

Q: Hi Ash, how did you find your challenge?
A: It was quite hard to stick to the meals when I was out and also fitting them around training but the convenience of the meals meant I managed quite well and because they were quick to prepare, they were ideal as an post workout meal.
Q: What did you think to the amount of food we sent you?
A: There was loads! I was eating 6+ meals a day and still had a few left at the end.
Q: What your favourite meal that was included?
A: The Ostrich burgers and sweet potato mash by far. Especially together.
Q: Who do you think would benefit from taking the 30 Day Challenge?
A: Anyone trying to improve their diet. It makes it so much easier as meals take about 10 minutes to prepare so you are much less likely to cheat. Being sent the meal plan makes this even easier as you know exactly what to eat and when.
Q: Will you continue with any of the meals or food you were introduced to on the 30 Day Challenge?
A: The pots o gold protein meals were great but 100% the ostrich and sweet potato mash.
Q: Did you take before and after pictures? Did you notice a change in your body during and after the challenge?
A: My weight stayed roughly the same but this was my target, to maintain.
Q: Did you notice any effects to energy and recovery whilst on the plan?
A: My energy levels were normal, which was fantastic. I found the pots o gold were perfect as a quick recovery snack and definitely aided in recovery.
Q: Would you recommend the challenge or do it again?
A: 100 yes!
Q: Thanks Ash, and good luck for the rest of the season.