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28 December 2022

Launch into 2023 in 3 Simple Steps

It’s time for you to JOIN US at GSN by taking on the 30 Day Challenge! We’re focusing on 3 stable areas to achieve a consistent routine and kick-start our year strong.

Should you choose to accept the mission, we’ll be expecting you to follow these 3 steps to get set up, and then remain consistent for the full 30 Days with good daily NUTRITION, WORKOUTS & ROUTINE.

Who’s in?


What is the GSN 30 Days Challenge?

We don’t do ‘New Year, New Me’ here at GSN! It’s all about the same you, but new routine. Just like anything if we can stick to a good routine for long enough it becomes a habit. And this is where we find results.

Whether it’s putting Overnight Oats In the fridge before bed, taking a flask of Katsu to work for lunch, snacking on our Chicken Bites instead of a chocolate bar, or a combination of all three, a few small changes can be the first step into new routine.

Our 30 Day Challenge has been one of the mainstays of our brand identity since we started GSN. If you can persevere for a month, you’ve got the rest of the year and beyond in the bag. This January we’re going a step further…

We’re practicing what we preach. It’s going to be more of an adjustment for some than others, but you can follow along, chart our successes and failures, and hopefully take part and relate – whilst sharing in our success.

Beyond our ‘Healthy, Tasty, Easy’ range of meals and snacks we’ll be providing a months worth of accessible work outs to follow, and our Nutritional Calculator ‘GSN Life’ remains FREE of charge – get your personalised Macros (more on that here) and make the most of that data.

How you fit us into your new routine is flexible, it may be three meals a day, it might just be for breakfast, you may not even shop with us and just fancy a free work out plan… All positive changes are valuable… Will you start today?


Step 1: What should I be Eating?

We’re not about fads, or quick fixes and there’s certainly no diet culture around here. We know that no body or lifestyle is the same, and that we need to take this into account when calculating how much we need to consume each day…

At GSN we’re all about making healthy eating easy so use this quick questionnaire below to get your, personalised calorie plan for FREE!

Get your results in just 60 seconds here...


Step 2: The Nutrition

Our range has been expertly designed to meet the gold standard of nutritional needs. Whether you’re an aspiring chef, gym fanatic or a busy mum on-the-go – Our 30 Day Challenge is produced to help you reach your goals, feel better & look better, without sacrifice. Because good nutrition shouldn’t be an effort, it should be the standard. For everyone.

We have made it as quick and easy as possible by creating this breakdown of the biggest bundle savings…


High protein – Whether you are an avid gym-goer or just looking to eat that little bit healthier. All of our meals are high in “real food” protein to support your needs. Research suggests that increasing your protein intake may have impressive effects on your appetite, metabolic rate, weight and body composition. That’s why we make ‘high protein’ one of our priorities!

Low sugar – In the UK, we each consume around 490g too much sugar EVERY week! Although sugar may not directly control your weight, high sugar can often indicate “empty foods” sources that contain less fibre, vitamins and minerals. We choose “low sugar”, high-quality ingredients, densely packed with nutrients to give you whole-food goodness, in every mouthful.

GSN helps you reach your 5 a day – There are vegetables in every pot of gold. Whether it’s Onions full of antioxidants, Mushrooms packed with Vitamin B, to Broccoli exploding with Vitamin C…

Step 3: The Good Habits

We need to focus on NUTRITION, WORKOUTS, WALKS & SLEEP to set the foundations for further growth. Sometimes, the most challenging part of starting the day is having these set out in a plan and knowing what to follow.

We’ve pulled togehter 7 workouts you can follow each week that ensure you’ve got the foundations set to better health. Over the month we’ll be updating and logging in this blog best practice for relaxing the mind by getting out on walks, god habbits for better sleep, and top tips to staying on track with your nutrition.

If you’ve got something to share, tag us or use the hashtag and we’ll add your top tips below!



Move it Monday  

-Warm up 5000m on Bike or 10 min jog  

-Squats 5 max effort sets 



-Barbell Hip Thrusts 

-Straight leg RDLs 


Circuit 20 Min – 45/15 

-Hanging Leg raises 

-Sumo Squats Kettlebell 

-Bike Erg 

-Box Jumps 

-Walking Lunges 



Push Party / Tuesday – 

Warm up & Stretch 

-5 sets Max Effort Chest Press – 10-15 reps 


5 rounds 

-Clean and Press x 10 

-Tricep Dips x 12-15 reps 

20 Min – 45/15 Circuit 

-Hand release Press Ups 

-Ski Erg 

-Mountain Climbers 

-Heavy Med Ball GTOS (ground to over shoulder) 

-GHD / Sit ups 



Work the Engine / Wednesday 

Capacity AFAP

-100 Burpees 


-100 Wall Balls 

(you can break up the sets) 


Accessory work 

Biceps, Triceps, Calfs, Rear Delts



I Believe I Can Fly / Thursday 

-2000m Row 


Heavy Working Sets 

-Bent Over Single Arm Row x 3 sets 

-Pendley Row x 3 sets 

-Max Pull Ups x 3 sets 


24 Min Circuit 45/15 splits 

-KB Swing 

-Slam Balls 

-GHD/Sit Ups 

-Sled Push 


-Gorilla Rows KettleBell 



Frodown Friday

Full Body EMOM 30 mins 

-12 Cals SKi 

-12 Press ups 

-12 Cals Bike Erg 

-12 Goblet Squats 

-12 Cals Row 

-12 Burpees 


Soak it up Saturday 

Keep the body moving 30-60 minutes exercise of any cardio outside in the fresh air 

Run, Bike, or Walk 


Rest & Recovery 


Glossary of terms

AFAP – As fast as possible 

EMOM – Each Minute on the minute 


Join us everyday on our daily workouts, and tag us in your results, meals and new daily habits at @GoldStandardNutrition – use the hashtags #30DayChallenge #TeamGSN