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07 March 2023

Salt & Pepper Chicken Noodles: Our Best Meal Yet?


Our latest Pot O Gold high protein ready meal combines nutrition and pleasure like salt & pepper!

Taste our first-ever noodle dish, inspired by a Chinese classic.

Salt & Pepper Chicken Noodles – our best ever Pot O Gold?


We’re proud to announce the launch of our latest – and possibly greatest – Pot O Gold meal: the Salt & Pepper Chicken Noodles.

Everyone has their favourite GSN meal, but for a long time, our best-selling product has been the Breaded Chicken Katsu Curry Pot O Gold.

New for March 2023, the Salt & Pepper Chicken Noodles Pot O Gold could be about to change all that.

Try one as part of your next GSN order. 


What’s in the Pot?


The Salt & Pepper Chicken Noodles Pot O Gold is our first-ever noodle meal! You asked for noodles, and we delivered a healthy, low-fat noodle dish that doesn’t compromise on flavour.

Crispy breaded chicken pieces are at the heart of the dish. We’ve used lean, high-quality chicken breast with a satisfying crunch.

We bring the classic Chinese salt & pepper flavour, with tasty chopped veg and a traditional spice mix. The finely chopped bell peppers and spring onion really bring this dish to life.

The meal is topped off with a generous helping of low-sugar sweet chilli sauce, which we’ve bulked up with pea protein to help you hit your nutritional targets.

We’ve stuck to our healthy, tasty, easy formula for the high-protein Pot O Gold range. Take the pot out of the freezer, microwave it for 6 minutes, and enjoy a super-tasty noodle meal – without the need to boil the kettle!

Variety is the spice of life 


As a diet-conscious food-lover, you won’t be able to find many healthy, tasty, easy meals that tick all the same boxes as your favourite GSN Pot O Gold.

This is why it’s crucial for us to keep expanding our range of flavours. ‘Flavour fatigue’ is a real problem, and most people find that it’s much easier to stick to a healthy diet if they have plenty of options to vary their meals. The Salt & Pepper Chicken Noodles is another tasty dish you can add to the mix!

We’re constantly listening to our customers’ feedback on which meals they would like to see added to the GSN range. This Pot O Gold high protein ready meal results from high demand for a healthy noodle dish.

Have you got a great idea for a meal that could spice up your healthy diet? Let us know!



What’s so special about Salt & Pepper seasoning?


If you’ve never eaten a Chinese salt & pepper dish before, you’re missing out.

The spice mix is far more complex and exciting than its name suggests. Our version blends ginger, fennel, star anise, cinnamon, cloves, chilli and parsley – and yes, there’s salt and pepper in there too.

This wouldn’t be a proper salt & pepper meal without a generous helping of veg, too. Finely chopped bell peppers and spring onion add vibrant flavour to every bite.


Salt & Pepper Chicken Noodles

How is a healthy salt & pepper chicken noodles dish even possible? 


You may have noticed that there aren’t many healthy salt & pepper noodle meals on the market.

This dish is one of the nation’s favourite Far Eastern foods. Unfortunately, it’s incredibly tricky to make the meal in a healthy form, without compromising on taste.

We’ve pulled off the balancing act after months of hard work in the kitchen – and we’re extremely proud of the recipe we finally achieved.

There was no special trick to making a healthy Salt & Pepper Chicken Noodles dish. Instead, it was all about carefully combining nutritious, high-quality ingredients that could replicate the things people really love about the salt & pepper dishes they might get at a restaurant or takeaway.

Salt & pepper seasoning is about more than just the salt and the pepper. We took out some of the salt and dialled up some other spices in the recipe, to create a reduced-salt spice mix that’s big on taste and low in sodium.

Lean cuts of high-quality chicken breast are the key to the meal’s low-fat content, while our reduced-sugar sweet chilli sauce delivers lip-smacking flavour in a low-sugar package. Incredibly, the Salt & Pepper Chicken Noodles has been awarded green traffic light ratings for fat and sugar.

Getting plenty of protein in your diet is especially important if you have a busy lifestyle, or if you’re looking to build up your body through exercise and nutrition. To help you hit your daily target intake of protein, we’ve made our sweet chilli sauce with pea protein isolate.


How to buy the Salt & Pepper Chicken Noodles Pot O Gold 


There are three ways to buy the Salt & Pepper Chicken Noodles Pot O Gold:

The last time we introduced a new flavour to our Pot O Gold range, it sold out within 24 hours. If you want to make sure you can try the Salt & Pepper Chicken Noodles soon, act fast and place your order!