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01 September 2022

September is the new January…

The summer holidays are over and our routines are creeping back in as Autumn begins, so it’s the perfect time to revamp your lifestyle & goals… 


According to a YouGov poll, the two most common New Year’s resolutions are to eat better and to exercise more. In September, the mornings and evenings are still light so it’s a lot easier to commit to exercising this results in our brains producing more serotonin, also known as the ‘happiness hormone’.  A positive mindset is more conducive to enhancing focus, concentration, and our self-drive, so we are more likely to attain our goals and resolutions by starting them at this time of year. You can even get out to the parks in nature for free (which also helps with the third most common resolution- saving money.)


In January, having a whole year ahead of you can seem daunting, so another benefit to setting resolutions in September is having the goalpost of Christmas festivities to aim towards (think of the Turkey Dinner…). Take advantage of this ‘fresh start effect’ by asking yourself:

What’s working well in my life (business, family, friends, self care)?

What would I like to achieve before the end of the year?


Then set yourself some small and attainable habits & goals. We are here to help with our new launch: GSN Life. We can help you achieve your goals, starting with our free nutritional calculator, making it all seem less overwhelming. We’ll send you a personalised macro calculation, and then help you stick to it with nutritional suggestions, fitness tips tailored to your goals, as well as wellbeing tips. Click here to restart your year in September.


Grab a sneak peak of GSN Life with our tips on starting a new routine and how to stick to it- read our blog here.