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16 January 2023

Meet the GSN Team: Daniel Our Photographer & Cyclist


Dan is our biggest advocate for the 30-Day Challenge.

Just 30 Days of healthy, tasty & easy food was enough to tempt Dan into a second month of a GSN Lifestyle…

Meet Dan… a proud member of #TeamGSN

Dan is known to cycle hundreds of miles across the UK and beyond. Additionally, when he’s not on his bike, he hikes and juggles his work as a freelance Photographer and Digital Marketing consultant.

Moreover, Dan is a huge advocate for the 30-Day Challenge: Just 30 Days of healthy, tasty & easy food was enough to tempt Dan into a second month of a GSN Lifestyle…

“In addition, I work as a Digital Marketing Consultant & Freelance Photographer.

Furthermore, I’ve been working with GSN for two years now! Time has flown by. Day-to-day, GSN probably accounts for around 70% of my working life – I’m all over the place and regularly put in long days.

I’m primarily a food photographer, specializing in weddings and events, having documented the music industry for ten years.

Finally, I had a wonderful stint as a Cycle Tour Leader for pannier.cc – you can start to see where healthy meals in around 6 minutes will fit into my menu…”



“I’m the sore thumb / black sheep of the GSN family: before joining I’d never been in a gym. It just wasn’t for me. My appearances are still rare.

However, I enjoy cycling. Beyond the 45km commute to work, I’ll regularly spend full days on the bike for ‘pleasure’, expanding that to weekends away wild camping.

Cycling will usually be a part of any bigger holidays I book, so maintaining a low level of fitness is important for me to make the most of those breaks. Previous trips include Turin to Nice through the Southern & Maritime Alps, Mont Blanc to Venice across the Dolomites, and Oslo to The Arctic Circle. I’ve ticked off most of the gravel cycling bucket list throughout Britain and Wales… Scotland you’re next.”



What’s your favourite GSN Product?


“Pots of Gold… I’m on the Katsu Band Wagon, but the Chef Special Malaysian Curry and the OG Chicken Curry are on par. Bolognese is also a firm favourite, especially when loaded up with cheese.

Pots aside, the Steam Cooked Chicken Breasts see some action – they’re flexible, quick to prepare and fit into pretty much any chicken recipe you can find – I’ve baked them, curried them and breaded them (find my fraudulent Katsu here). I’ve also made Chicken Loaded Egg Fried Rice along with many other foodie-goodies you’ll find in the GSN Recipes section


Has our GSN Macro Calculator helped you to achieve your goals?


“I didn’t know about nutrition (ironic for someone who works with food)… I do now.

The macro calculator, and simple guide from GSN, proved to be a great starting block when I found myself a little heavier than I wanted to be at the end of last year.

Understanding what each macro did, and where to find it in specific foods was great information. Previously, I was always a ‘eat what I want when I’m riding’ or ‘eat less if I want to lose weight’ type of guy. However, I probably still am, but now that outlook is informed, and I feel better for it.”





“I’m almost embarrassed to say how much GSN has changed the food aspect of my life. I get fed a lot through my photography – during peak times I’ll be eating restaurant food 5 nights a week, this sounds wonderful but it changes your perspective on the other things you eat…

Oh I’m getting fed at X tonight, I’ll get through today on a Pot Noodle and a Sandwich Meal Deal

“Fu** The Meal Deal

I didn’t realise until I slid GSN into my routine that those poor habits left me tired, lacking energy, and lethargic. Now I’ll have a Pot of Gold daily. If I’m double busy: the Overnight Oats for breakfast – the ultimate grab-and-go, Fu** the meal deal!

GSN saves me time, makes me feel better about myself and most importantly: helps me keep going!

I’ve said it before during the December 30-day challenge, but… Having the confidence that the meal I’ve microwaved in 6 minutes is healthy is wonderful peace of mind, and if I’m ploughing through a 16-hour work day – not having to spend half an hour cooking is incredibly valuable.”

You can see Dan’s food, music and other photography via danieleaston.uk and read a selection of ride reports here.

For a deeper dive into Dan’s GSN 30-Day Challenge, click here.


The GSN 30-Day Challenge encourages participants to follow a semi-strict meal plan for 30 days (duh). The plan is based primarily around the GSN product range but has flexibility.

The challenge is backed by the GSN Calorie Calculator and aims to offer a simple route to lose weight, monitor nutrition or support a training plan.


Feeling inspired? Head over to our Macro Calculator to start your healthy eating journey –